Advantages and disadvantages of using marine plywood for construction

Marine plywood is the best and top-ranked plywood among all sorts of plywood in the plywood industry.Marine plywood possesses features that make them unique to differ from other plywood, making it suitable for building boat parts.This article will detail the advantages and disadvantages of using marine plywood.

Plywood material isused for both furniture and construction production. Marine plywood tends to be the best for prolonged use in the plywood industry.Marine plywood executes appropriately in dry and wet areas. In that case, the quality of marine plywood is used in constructing boats, ships, and their parts. The following are the advantages:

Water resistance

Marine plywood is excellent water-resistant.Therefore, it is suitable for constructing boats and ships. Besides being incompletely waterproof, it requires a change after several years. If you need an indoor or outdoor make-over, marine plywood will meet your requirements and last for decades.

Surface texture

The surface of marine plywood is finish because it is made from veneer wood, giving it a wooden appearance. Adding paint to the plywood makes it durable.


Marine plywood is lasting compared to other plywood. It preserves its durability even in harsh weather for decades.


Marine plywood is available in all sizes. You can also find it in wood markets, either thick or thin plywood.


Marine plywood is more flexible, an advantage of making it to be folded easily according to user requirements. It is made of thin wood, which is hard to crack if turned.

Good density

This advantage makes this plywood hold both the nails and screws perfectly.

Termite resistance

Marine plywood is protected from termites by the chemicals used. Therefore, there is no need to worry about gettingdestroyed.

Has uniform strength due to lack of knots.

The wood used to make marine plywood does not have holes in the knots, making it stronger. When making the marine plywood you cross the layers which remains intact to retain strength.



Marine plywood price in Kenya is relatively high compared to other kinds of plywood. Its production involves many processes which consume heat and high-pressure treatment.

Exposure to chemicals

The chemicals used to prevent termites may be harmful to the human body, especially the lungs causing health complications. To avoid harm,you arerecommended to wear protective gloves and eyeglasses while chopping the plywood.

Bending barriers

Due to its thin layers, it is likely to bend if overloaded. It would help if you supported large sheets used to avoid warping.

It not waterproof

As the name indicates, plywood consists of hardwood that is not waterproof. To make the marine plywood last longer in the water you use waterproof glue to prevent them from falling apart.

Difficulty to classify

Anyone unaware of woods to choose the best for plywood will have trouble identifying them.

The edges of marine plywood tend to be sharp to cause scratches. Therefore, the plywood must be covered by applying a wooden beat.


Marine plywood qualities make it suitable for boat construction and other projects, but you must seal it to avoid moisture damage. The plywood is also more substantial than softwood.

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