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Amrit Mann Net Worth 2020

Amrit Mann was born in 10 June 1992 in Goniana Mandi, India. He is an Indian promising singer, and his primary income of source is folk singing. In 2020, He is now approximately owner of $1 Million- $5 Million, which was $100,000- $1 million in the previous year (2019).

Amrit started his career in 4 years ago and published 40 songs so far. His estimated Earnings of a year is ($331.8k – $446.2k). Mann earned this money due to his folk singing and from different kinds of sponsorships. He also has contracts with various movies from which he deserves.

Net Worth

  • Approximately($1 Million- 5 Million)
Full name Amrit Mann
Date of Birth 10 June 1992
Birthplace Punjab, India
Nationality Indian
Age 28
profession Singer, lyricists, Actor

Amrit’s earning in 2020:
Amrit approximately makes $59.1k-$79.4k in 2020 from January to July.

Month Earnings
January $9.95k
February $10.3k
March $14.9k
April $11k
May $6.8k
June $7k
July $9.3k

Professional Earning:

Amrit started his career as a songwriter, and Jatt Fire Karda, his first written song sung by Dilijit Dosanjh, was a blockbuster. After getting his fame as a lyricist, he was to dare to sing a piece himself. After releasing his first singing song Desi Da Drum he got his fame very quickly. Since then, he has got many sponsorships and got so many opportunities to earn. He also acted in some movies and got success also as an actor. Mann performed four films so far, among them ‘Channa Mereya,’ his first acted movie, was super hit, and business success in post office box. Mann’s released song Shikaar won the best Duo award in 2016. His labels are White Hill Music, Bamb Beats, Speed Records from these; he earns a lot.


Using social media:

Amrit Mann has 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 65.5k subscribers on youtube. He published his singing and written songs and his movie scenes on youtube, which he also earns. His other massive source of income is a live show. Live tv shows, concerts, and many other invitations from renewed places help him to make money.

Amrit Mann likes to lead a luxurious life. Mann loves to wear elegant dresses, shoes and live in a vast house and drives a different kind of expensive cars. He is a kind of folk singer who makes money very quickly.

Amrit mann’s house is in Mohali, Punjab. Mann also has a good collection of luxury cars, including Mercedes, Range over, and many others. He is a promising professional singer in India, and his revenue is increasing day by day.

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