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If you are unsure about whether or not you would enjoy the comments and subscriptions, I will post fresh content every week. The main thing that we do is that I will take part in another trip to an island, and the creator of the island has described it as being an entirely single-level island, so what this essentially means is that we do not engage in any multi-level activities. I believe that this is going to work out wonderfully for me because I just mess up all the time and it takes me a very long time. It’s time to find out how to get to some places, how to get to some places, how to visit the corner, and other similar destinations. I really hope I don’t ruin this picture in any way. The pictures taken on the island are adorable to look at.

They have built some small ponds on the island, which have some very interesting shapes, so I believe it would be a good idea to check out the island, and I will do so as usual. Please include the link to my Discord server and the German dress that I’m wearing in the following message if you’re interested in having me visit your island. You are welcome to share the details of your ideal gown in the comments section below even if you do not join the Discord server. As is customary, we will begin our journey at the airport, animal crossing bell and after that, we will examine a map.

Everything on the island has a pastel appearance, including the locals who live there. That is correct. I think it would be nice for them to have a small residential area. If you look closely, you can see the small pond that I mentioned. There is even something that looks like a huge cat’s head floating in the water, so it is very cute. Oh my goodness, it’s so lovely.

This is a new level. There is no way I can botch this. Even the patterns themselves are all in a very pastel color palette. Let’s check to see if they have posted anything on the bulletin board, shall we? Well, Hello, see if I can enter here. It’s got a lot of charm. They are all equipped with features such as small pavilions.

I like pink and blue, Very lovely pastel flags. A modest residential community can be found in this manner. Everyone enjoys the small pattern tiles that are located at the entrance to their own home. Oh, I have a collection of pastels here in this library.

It does not appear to be the beach at all. Oh no, I’m going way too fast with my words. There are an infinite number of hammocks. It goes without saying that this is the most spacious lounge. Look below to see what I mean by that.

We are going to return. Oh, it’s so adorable, despite the fact that it appears to have its own tiny yard. They have a tendency to repeat things, which is why almost every one of their homes has the same floor plan. Wow, I had no idea that they had so many trees and a little camp set up everywhere. I’m curious about the next step in this process. You won’t have to travel very far at all to get back to the main entrance of the camp. It’s the latest trend.

People who are like me don’t want to have a lot of trees on their island for the simple reason that they don’t know where to put them, and I believe this is a good solution for that problem. They can be separated into a resourceful area in a very uncomplicated manner. Oh, it’s just as interesting as any museum lobby I’ve ever been in. It’s almost as if I’ve never encountered a pattern with such a conical shape before.

It’s not the same, despite the fact that they have Island flags strung up on little lamp posts. Oh, they do have those. It brings to mind the concept that, animal crossing new horizons bells similar to Rock Island, each rock is located on its own island. I have a little, oh, they also have every bush, which is crazy, so I assume that plants like these two will bloom next season, and so on. I have a little, oh, I have a little They also have every bush. OK, where are all the butterflies and small mushrooms? OK, where are all the little mushrooms? Let’s go this route regarding the smaller patterns that they use.

Oh, this is the house that they own. Oh no, there is a miniature amusement park there. OK, first let’s take a look at our surroundings; after that, let’s go into the small convenience vending machine, the small bakery, and the claw machine. Let’s take a look at this together, shall we? It’s adorable! It reminds one of a miniature carnival island. Oh no, I won’t be able to go around.

Oh, I’m speaking animal crossing items for sale too quickly. I’m like you know. It’s not difficult at all. There won’t be any difficulties with the navigation for me. There is no animal crossing bells out of that situation. To put it simply, there is some leaping involved.

It’s very peculiar. It’s kind of like a zigzag, and the whole thing happens through a relatively narrow mouth. Oh well, I guess you could call it a chunk of Cat Island. So, this is the house that we own.

Let’s examine whether or not it has its own overarching theme. The remainder of the island is pink to the point that it is almost a pastel color. The bedroom is decorated in a very pink and very soft style. Oh my goodness, it looks almost like a pinkish purple.

Wow, it’s amazing how they can turn anything into a sentimental story. Oh, my God,It’s so adorable, with all the spinning tops and disco balls hanging on the wall. I see. Yes, a lot of people are decorating the entire space with things like gyroscopes to make it look like the objects are squaring off against one another.

They are fighting in an honest manner. Brothers, wait, they’re hugging each other and dancing at the same time. Despite this, it reads more like a short story about who or what the lover’s adversary is. On this charming, albeit pink, little island, the things that adore it turn into horrible versions of themselves. It would be terrible if there was a small call circle and a little terrorist guy in the corner. I wasn’t anticipating that this would occur, but in all honesty, it makes for a good theme.

They operate two shops, referred to as pink and blue. I’m sorry, but the pink and blue are separated on the left and right sides, just like in a little cafe. Okay, so it seems as though they have actually installed some curved pipes in various locations across the island. Let’s say it’s just a speedy route that leads to a certain location.

What do we get here,Lovely little frogs face another seating area that is pink and purple in color, as well as all of their private beaches that are pink and blue in color, and a small picnic. It seems like we’ve reached the end of our journey to the island, so I hope you enjoyed it. It’s over in a flash! What I think happens when you put everything on the first floor is that it becomes more.

In general, I have the impression that the island is quite endearing. On the whole, it’s lovely, just a very lovely simple island; there are really very appropriate theme design projects, even like pawns. Pawns are just one example. I really hope that you enjoy the content. I’ll be there for the following one.

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