Are Kimonos And Haori Still In Fashion? – Know The Entire Story

A kimono is a traditional Japanese dress. It has two to three parts, and when you wear one, it looks like a robe. When you wear a kimono, it has a unisexual appeal. Therefore, both men and women can wear them. However, one thing that might make you think is if a traditional dress like this is still in fashion. Similarly, a haori is almost like a kimono except that it is open and has a hip-length jacket. You can check out the collection of colorful haori with different patterns and prints to get a better idea about the dress.

Despite being traditional, the dresses do have a widespread appeal. You look both appealing and contemporary. One thing is for sure, that if you pull off a traditional dress in the present times while keeping intact the ethnicity and appeal, it takes fashion to another level. The concept is wearing contemporary clothes and making anything look good. Good clothes inspire others to choose and wear the same.

What Can You Pair A Haori With?

You can wear a hip-length Haori with pants and skirts. You will look smart in both options. However, the material you choose must be in accordance with the weather and climate in general. You can even pair them with dresses. A great tip is to mix and match whatever you choose to wear. Wear a simple, single-colored dress with a printed jacket. It will change the overall appearance and make you stand out in a gathering.

Wearing smart clothes or dressing confidently shows your belief in your choices. It shows you can take a stand for yourself, and you do not let yourself down. It highlights your beauty. The more beautiful you look, the better it is for the dress. Not just other dresses or tops, you must wear matching accessories as well. Both you and your jacket need to complement one another, bringing out the best in each.

How To Wear A Kimono Properly?

There will be no issues with the technical aspects of the robe. That is really easy to wear. You might wonder about the material, print, and occasion. It is traditionally a dress for a gathering, event, or party. Hence, you may choose the same occasions when you want to wear one. However, you can wear them for casual outings, depending on the material and color. Choose a light color for a casual meet and a gorgeous printed one for a grand occasion.

Your priority is not to maintain the originality of the dress but to improve its overall appeal. That is possible if you wear it right and for the perfect occasion. Blend the traditional with the modern and make yourself more beautiful than ever. However, everything depends on your comfort level. If you are happy with your choices, you will automatically look radiant. Pick out the right options and experiment with your outfits for the best results.

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