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Are You Wanna Make Your Tiktok Video going Viral ? These are 5 Tips so That Your Videos on FYP

TikTok is now a video sharing platform that is widely used by millions people in the world. Through TikTok we can get the latest information so quickly, it becomes a new money field for those who often see it as an oportunity. For that reason, it is not surprising that nowadays many people are competing to make videos as often as possible to be attributed on The “For You Page” or often called “FYP”.

But, to be attributed on FYP, it’s not easy as it’s seems. We have to compete with thousands of other videos uploaded every day. although it’s not easy doesn’t meant it’s imposible, right?

In a sharing session held by indonesian’s Tiktok content creator Fuadit Muhammad, last Saturday, July 17, 2021, This owner of a TikTok account with 116,000 followers shared tips to make your videos attriubted on FYP. For the past year, Fuadit has focused on creating content about the life of a programmer that many people don’t know about.

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Indeed, according to Fuadit, the TikTok algorithm is truly personalized according to the preferences of its users. So, it’s a common for content that we think will viral generates only ordinary traffic. However, content that we think is normal can actually boom! Exploding and FYP everywhere.

Based on the experience of the account owner with username @Fuaditrockz, there is a little secret that we can use to make our videos attributed on FYP. are you curious? Check out this easy way to get TikTok videos into FYP !

1. Set the profile account as attractive as possible

The first tip is to set the profile as attractive as possible. This does sound trivial. However, this is quite influential on the organic growth of your account. For example, there is one of your videos that viral on FYP. It could be that other users will click on your profile. If your profile is interesting, he will continue to scroll your video to the bottom and the possibility of your video getting into his FYP in the future becomes bigger is already included in the algorithm.

Therefore, let’s try to check your TikTok account again and start improving your profile to make it more interesting. You can upload the best profile photo, a username that you don’t change, and also add other social media links that you have.

2. Don’t be too idealistic in the beginning and always follow the trend

Of course, you want to build a certain image on TikTok by creating idealistic content. According to Fuadit, if you are just starting out, try not to be too idealistic and keep following trends as a distraction so that your account growth is more significant.

Not all trends necessarily suit us. We have to re-select it and make trending videos that are fits  to our personality. For example, make a video using a sound that is viral, use a filter that is booming, to join a challenge that is being followed by many people.

Remember, this trend is just a distraction. If you think the trend has a negative impact, you can ignore it and only follow the positive trends.

3. Build interaction

The next tip to make your videos on FYP is to regularly build interactions with other users. This interaction can be built by replying to comments using new videos, making duet videos with other users and following people around us. If you do this regularly, slowly but surely, your account will grow.

4. Don’t ask your friends to see your videos on profile

When you just uploaded a new video, of course you want your video to be watched by many people, right? So, maybe it’s common for you to ask the people closest to you to watch it by directing them to open your profile account. Read more about 7starhd

According to Fuadit, this method is less effective. It’s better to let your videos go organically to your friends’ FYPs and ask them to leave comments when they see them. In this way, slowly your video will start on FYP by itself.

5. End with a ‘call to action’ so that other users are active in your video

Lastly, don’t forget to end the video with a call to action so that there is interaction in your video. This call to action can be a question in the form of opinions, choices or suggestions from video viewers. These answers can increase your account engagement, make your video FYP, so that maybe you can get inspiration for the next video. Click here movierulz

Don’t forget to consistently work. The TikTok algorithm is so complex that we do not know when our work will going viral. So, all we need to do is to continue making videos on a regular basis. Visit here ytmp3

Hopefully the easy tips for the Dragonrest TikTok video to enter FYP above can help you who are beginer to become a content creator.

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