Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer Protects Drivers Rights

What Does it mean when truck accidents happen in Atlanta? Truck Accident Lawyer serving Atlanta injured victims. Atlanta started as a railroad town. It is still a big rail junction, however with the largest airport, Atlanta is rapidly becoming a metropolitan city dominated by truck traffic

About 115 tons of goods go through and across Atlanta every year. About half of those loads are trucking loads carrying goods for consumer and utility companies. There have been about a dozen reported accidents involving tractor-trailers and passenger vehicles in metro Atlanta over the past ten years.

Pain and Suffering

In one case, an automobile delivery driver hit a cargo trailer and suffered a severe leg injury. His employer, an insurance company, was not liable for the accident because they only covered the driver’s personal injury liability. The Georgia Department of Transportation is now trying to get the company to pay for the truck driver’s lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

The company is resisting this settlement request vigorously. In another case, an at-fault truck driver killed a passenger while operating a passenger vehicle. His family is asking the court to compensate them for their loved one’s death. In case of an accident, you can easily search on the internet and contact a reputed Atlanta truck accident lawyer for help.

Safety of Truck Drivers

These mishaps have prompted many questions about the safety of truck drivers in general. Some people have suggested installing some type of device on tractor-trailers to prevent them from being able to run off the road. However, some insurance companies have rejected the idea. Georgia has no law mandating that tractor-trailer operators wear seat belts or other safety devices. Although it may be an option to raise these issues with the company, many lawyers don’t agree that it’s worth the effort unless it’s brought up as part of an accident case.

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Involved In an Accident

If you’re a tractor operator and you are involved in an accident, you need the advice of an experienced lawyer. It’s important to remember that even though you may be partially at fault, the company you work for could still be responsible for some or all of the damages. The negligence or lack of care is the main reason why the company isn’t responsible for your injuries or damages. The best way to address the issue is to hire a lawyer who specializes in Georgia vehicle collisions.

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In Atlanta, trucking is a large industry. There are many types of trucks including big rigs, box trucks, flatbeds, box trucks, log haulers, pole trucks, tractors, and other types of vehicles. When it comes to driving a commercial vehicle in Atlanta, trucking is a complex profession. Not only do drivers have to abide by traffic laws, but they also have to follow employment laws, health and safety laws, and other laws that govern the operation of commercial vehicles.

A Lot of Responsibility

Because driving trucks carries a lot of responsibility, truck drivers must abide by all the rules and regulations. For example, all drivers must maintain a bare minimum of the legal minimums. All operators must be cautious enough to avoid accidents so that damages can be prevented. But in addition, the operator has to also take into account the safety aspects of the road. One thing that he or she can do is apply the “no-zone rule.”

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According to the “no-zone rule,” if the tractor-trailer driver drives in a no-zone, it means that there is a high probability that he or she will make a mistake or make a fatal error that causes damage to another person or his or her property. If that happens, liability may very well be established against the driver. That’s why Georgia residents need to retain a skilled Atlanta truck accident lawyer whenever they plan to hire one. A good one will not only help them get compensation for injuries or property damage but will also help them establish a case of negligence against the driver.

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