Author and Certified Nursing Assistant Shwanda Mabine Williams

Whether you’re a certified nursing assistant or an author, you’ve probably wondered how to turn your dream into a reality. Read on to learn how Shwanda Mabine Williams made the leap. And if you’re new to the writing world, here are some of the steps she took to achieve her dream. Isn’t it about time you started writing for a living? Here are a few ideas that might inspire you.


If you’re a mother or a wife, you’ll enjoy this book by a new author named Shwanda Mabine Williams. This certified nursing assistant, mother of four, stepmother of three, and advocate for gun violence prevention, has overcome many obstacles and overcome her fears to become a published author. You’ll also enjoy reading about her love for Dallas Cowboys football and the Dallas Cowboys.

In Shwanda Mabine Williams – A Mother’s Story, the reader will learn about the journey of a Certified Nursing Assistant. She has overcome many obstacles and is an inspirational role model to women everywhere. She is also a loving wife and mother-of-four. This inspiring book will give readers an insight into the life of a CNA and what motivates her.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Shwanda Mabine Williams is aspiring to be a Registered Nurse, but she doesn’t know where to start. A Certified Nursing Assistant can be an invaluable asset to any health care team. Certified nursing assistants are crucial to the medical team because they are the eye and ears of the clinical staff. By carefully observing patients and bringing the attention of the clinical team to any changes, CNAs provide vital support to nurses and doctors. The Nursing Professional Development Core Council has divided the Certified Nursing Assistant award into three categories.

Certified nursing assistants spend a significant amount of time with SMI residents. Yet, they receive little training in the mental health needs of these residents. In this study, we recruited 40 certified nursing assistants and put them through CARES’ Serious Mental Illness online training. This training included two modules that follow the philosophy of the Recovery Movement in caring for SMI patients. We conducted pre and post-testing to determine if the participants gained knowledge. The responses indicate that CNAs found the online format acceptable and helpful.

While there are many different roles of a CNA, the primary duty of this professional is to support the physical needs of patients. They perform daily care tasks under the direct supervision of a nurse and are often the first point of contact for patients. Their role in a patient’s care is vital. They are responsible for ensuring the patient’s comfort, feeding, and monitoring their vital signs.

New Author

For those who are seeking a book that will make them feel like they have lived the life of a dynamo, look no further than Shwanda Mabine Williams. A Certified Nursing Assistant, loving wife, mother of four, and stepmother of three, Mabine has overcome adversity and achieved her dream of writing a book. In her stories, readers will learn about the decisions she has made and the struggles she has faced in her life.

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