Balloons are that part of a decoration of a party that no one can miss. They make the party look much more aesthetic while popping the event. Decorating the place with balloons is pocket-friendly, and also, if the party is going to include kids, it will not bore them. Every party has its style of party balloons. Let us know more about it.

  • LATEX BALLOONS: Latex balloons are a common type of balloon in the balloon family. One can find them at any event or a wedding. They come in different shapes and colours. The advantage of these balloons is that they are environmentally friendly, they are biodegradable.
  1. They are affordable. When latex balloons are compared with other types like foil balloons, they are cheaper.
  2. They are versatile. The latex balloons can be used for any kind of decoration. They can be used for room decoration, arch decoration, making garlands, decorating gifts, or letting the helium balloons into the sky.
  3. It has both helium and air compatibility.
  4. These balloons are of different sizes. The size varies from 5 inches to 35 inches.
  5. The latex balloons are easy to use and are 100% biodegradable.
  6. They come in different colours. One gets to choose the colour they want.
  7. They are not reusable. They lose their shape in one or two days.
  • FOIL BALLOONS: Foil balloons are similar to latex balloons. The only difference is the foil balloon comes with a self-sealing valve. They also have different sizes, styles, shapes, and colours.
  1. They have durability and strength properties.
  2. They are reusable.
  3. They come in different sizes.
  4. They have different designs and shapes.
  5. They have a mirror-like surface. So it is a lighting advantage for photos.
  6. They do not get inflated.
  7. They are more expensive than latex balloons.
  • MILESTONE OR LETTER BALLOONS: These balloons can be of both latex or foil type. Most of the time, it is foil type. At any event, one can write the name or the word using these letter balloons. Apart from letters, there are also numbers with a wide range of colour options.
  1. They last for five days.
  2. Give a party look
  3. An easy and quick option for decoration
  4. Comparatively costly
  5. They are not environmentally friendly.
  • BUBBLE BALLOONS: the bubble balloons are spherical and have different texts printed on them. Not only texts but also any prints related to any event like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. They come in many different colours.

Popular balloon shapes

People prefer choosing different shapes of balloons depending upon the concept of their event. The most common shapes of balloons at a party are:

  • Letters and numbers
  • Sphere shaped
  • Heart-shaped
  • Star-shaped
  • Crescent-shaped
  • Diamond-shaped
  • Any favourite cartoon shaped

We can also find balloon decorations attached to the balloons to make the party look aesthetic and super interesting for the kids.

What type of balloon to choose for the event?

  • Birthdays: all types of balloons can be used for an adult birthday. It surely gives party vibes to the teens.
  • Children’s birthdays: Children are attracted to colours, so toy balloons, cartoon-shaped balloons, and twisting balloons are the most suitable ones.
  • Weddings: Newlyweds generally use latex balloons that have wedding colours. One can consider using foil balloons as well. They have a whole different vibe and look fantastic.
  • Parties: Parties can have latex, foil, and bubble balloons. Bubble balloons are the best for a theme-based party.

Balloons are so much fun at a party. They bring that joy to adults as well as kids. The balloons can be mixed and matched for the colour theme. This makes the decoration look harmonious. If one is ever throwing a party, then do not forget about the party balloons.

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