Basic Cooking Methods You Should Know

Generally, many of us like to cook food for the family members on weekends and whenever free. We often try new recipes to break the ice and try something new. Rather than just trying new recipes, many of us have tried new cooking techniques to cook food.

Different methods can be utilized to cook and prepare food. Though the technique and method might differ, one thing is for sure: delicious food. The methods differ from each other, but every method has its benefits.

Two Main Cooking Methods

Even though there are different cooking methods, it would not be wrong to divide them into two main categories. These are the dry heat method and the moist heat method. There is no need for water, and the cooking process only uses dry heat in the dry heat method. Some examples are baking, grilling, and roasting.

In the Moist heat cooking method, certain fluids are used in the cooking process, such as boiling and frying. Let us know different cooking methods in more detail.

Difference Between Brewing And Cooking

Brewing is sometimes misunderstood as a cooking method; however, both are different. Brewing is the process used to produce alcoholic beverages, including wine, beer, and spirits, through fermentation. However, the food preparation process by using heat is called cooking.

We get food from the cooking process, and we get alcoholic beverages from the brewing technique. Food is good for health, nutritious, and a source of nutrients. On the other hand, alcoholic beverages are harmful and are believed to do more harm than good. You can certainly get treatment for withdrawal symptoms with or without insurance to restore your health.

Here are some cooking methods you should know about.

1. Grilling

Food made through the grilling method has charred lines on it. Grilling is more often used for cooking different recipes of meat. Even many people like to grill vegetables. The Smokey flavor of vegetables makes them more delicious and appealing for the consumer.

In the process of grilling, food is directly cooked over flames. Different utensils such as grilling pan and grilling grates are also used, making it more convenient for grilling food. Carefully grilling meat in case it is overcooked or burnt can really prove hazardous for health.

2. Boiling

Boiling is another simple cooking method that is frequently used for cooking food in a daily routine. Anything from egg to vegetables and meat can easily be cooked using a boiling method. Boiling water is heated to 100 Celsius, and raw food is immersed in it till it gets tender or soft.

3. Steaming

A steamer is required to steam food. It is a cooking method in which food is kept over hot liquid and the steam coming out of liquid makes it tender and soft. Steaming is also a very common way of cooking food. The food cooked by steaming and boiling is very healthy as it is mostly used by those who have certain fitness goals.

Such food is also very beneficial for people who aim to lose weight and have certain weight goals. Many times boiled and steamed food is given to patients as it is easy to digest. Also, steaming is the best cooking method to retain maximum nutrients, and even water-soluble vitamins are retained in this method.

4. Sautéing

Different cooking methods add a more specific flavor to the food. Sautéing is again a commonly used cooking method. Food is cooked in a very small amount of oil with some salt and pepper. It is a very beneficial way of cooking food as in this method food retains maximum nutrients.

Be cautious and do not overdo it, or you might end up over-cooking food. Sautéing is a healthy substitute for deep and shallow fried food. Food prepared by sautéing method is also health beneficial.

5. Poaching

Poaching is a moist heat cooking method. It is an easy and healthy way to cook food. As the food is cooked without using oil and fats, it makes the food made through poaching one of the healthiest foods to consume. In poaching, the temperature is kept to the maximum of 82 Celsius, and food is kept in water until it gets soft enough to eat.

6. Baking

Baking is another very creative cooking method. It is a dry heat cooking method. Baking is used to make very delicious and tasty recipes. Cake, muffin, bread, and pizza are all outcomes of baking. A bakery is a place where you will find all food items made out of baking. Though delicious but rich in calories, bakery items must be consumed in moderation.

People who are looking to lose weight and have set some fitness goals for themselves must avoid bakery items. In general, bakery food has refined flour as the main ingredient. Refined flour is calorie-rich and high carb and should be avoided to attain fitness goals.

7. Deep Frying

Deep frying is another very popular cooking method, and almost all junk food items use deep-frying as a cooking method in their preparation. Deep-fried food is very tempting and delicious, and some might even get addicted to fried food.

Deep-fried food should be consumed in moderation as its excess use is linked with major health issues such as cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and obesity. Fried food has the least nutritional value as compared to food prepared with other methods.

8. Broiling

It is another method of cooking and, more specifically, a dry heat cooking method. Broiling uses heat from the top side. It provides a crunchy crust with a juicy interior of the meat. Broiling is very uncommon in homes, but it gives out some mouth-watering and delicious recipes in restaurants.

Take Away

Cooking is the way to maintain the health of oneself and the family by preparing healthy yet delicious recipes. The knowledge of cooking methods is as important as the knowledge about different foods. Some cooking methods are very beneficial in retaining the maximum value of food, such as steaming. Some cooking methods can give food minimum value and thus should be avoided.

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