Benefits of Alkaline Water Consumption

Alkaline water is a fairly new healthy option due to its exceptional benefits. Alkaline water is becoming the new trend among health geeks, athletes, business professionals, and the vast human wellness community. Consumption of alkaline water offers various health benefits that plain water is unable to provide. Scientists have speculated that consumption of alkaline water can slow down the daunting aging process. In addition, it can regulate the pH levels of the human body and can be extremely helpful in the prevention of various chronic diseases.

Consumption of alkaline water can neutralize acidic levels of the body due to its alkalinity which plain water is unable to do. Many health experts have shed light on this health-benefiting controversial topic. In addition, due to controversy many individuals and health experts have argued upon this matter. Many consider alkaline water consumption a new gimmick however many believe alkaline water is the best bottled water for humans to consume. This complete guide will provide you all the information regarding alkaline water. Moreover, you can also explore the internet to find various other bottled water branding companies.

What Alkaline water is? 

Scientific research shows that water with a higher pH level is alkaline water. Water can be naturally alkalized however to make water alkaline it’s essential to ionize water to increase the pH levels which results in higher alkalinity. pH is a scale that ranges from 0 – 14 in which a higher number indicates the basic properties of water, however lower numbers indicate acidic properties of water. For example, number 1 indicates extremely acidic water, and number 13 indicates extremely alkaline water however number 7 indicates neutral water. Alkaline water that is optimal for consumption must be between at number 8.5 to 9.5 on the pH scale. 

When consumed alkaline water helps individuals with excessive acidity by neutralization of acid. The process of acid neutralization in the body helps in the prevention of various serious health complications. This process of neutralizing acids in the body helps prevent various ailments. The alkalinity of water can be increased by additives, special filters, and faucet attachment water filters. However, it speculated that naturally, alkaline water is the most optimal for consumption.

What are the benefits of alkaline water?

Scientific studies have shown that alkaline water has many health benefits however, as we move towards the future more scientific evidence is required to emphasize on the lifelong usage of alkaline water. Here are the benefits of alkaline water that is speculated by the available scientific studies:

  • Ultra-hydration is one of the many properties of alkaline water when compared to normal water. This property of alkaline water can be extremely beneficial for athletes, and exercise geeks who train on the daily and require quick and more water consumption to keep the body hydrated. Due to scientific research, we are aware of small water molecules present in alkaline water which can be absorbed rapidly in an individual’s cells. As a result, the body can hydrate and rehydrate significantly quicker.  
  • Alkaline water can also benefit an individual by boosting the immunity. A boosted immune system can help neutralize acidity caused by environmental toxins, poor diet, stress. 
  • It’s speculated that alkaline water has various minerals such as calcium and magnesium, both of these minerals are crucial to maintain good bone health. 
  • Alkaline water is enriched with various potent antioxidants that can help an individual by preventing the further growth of free radicals that can damage cells in the body. Additionally, this prevention of excessive free radicals can help slow the aging process.
  • Scientific studies have shown that consumption of alkaline water has a significant positive difference in stomach, gastro-intestinal tract, and body by reduction of toxins in the body.

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