Best Audi R8 SIM Racing Steering Wheel Carbon Fiber Plate

One of the maximum famed substances about vehicle components is carbon fiber. Popularly referred to as the ‘workhouse’ of car industries, it has some distance outweighed different conventional substances like concrete, metallic or wood. Products synthetic the usage of carbon fiber are determined to be light-weight and feature incredible stiffness and strength. They also are determined to be immune to chemicals, corrosion, warmth in addition to electricity. It is because of those motives that carbon fiber stands proud of the rest.

Carbon fiber is the most desired fabric of many engineers and designs worldwide because of the motives indexed above. Apart from all that, it also offers a distinct appearance to the car and makes it distinctive. That is why they utilize roof elements, door frames, pillars and steerage wheels. Sure, they’re a chunk of high-priced in comparison to different substances. However, the charge has nevertheless substantially long past down, seeing that few years.

Best Racing Steering Wheel Audi R8 SIM Carbon Fiber Plate

Jinjiuyi Audi R8 SIM racing steerage wheels make from actual carbon fiber. Naturally, their clients selected 4mm or 3mm of solid carbon fiber.

Making a carbon fiber steering wheel can genuinely set your trip off with a custom appearance. No, remember the colour of your wheels. Carbon fiber steerage wheels go along with everything. You’ll get a very custom appearance irrespective of which carbon steering wheel you want.

Product Information

Jinjiuyi carbon crew manufactures extraordinarily light-weight and sturdy additives of composite substances, including those sim steerage wheel boards for this Audi R8. Your palms at this wheel, the automobile in neutral, while you faucets the fuel line pedal. That engine roars. Above 600 horses, an entire herd is champing on the spot to get off racing.

Build High-satisfactory

Jinjiuyi carbon fiber running steering wheels made from real carbon fiber, they’re now no longer perfect, however perfect. They’re forty percent smaller than aluminium. That noble and exceptional form of carbon has brought endless digital racing fanatics. Audi R8 utilizes numerous carbon-fibre additives in the body, using carbon fiber racing wheels in digital racing craving many enthusiasts. That feeling is such as you riding the Audi R8 vehicle.

Their Audi R8 simulator steerage wheel may gear up by carbon shifter sweeps. That is the fave of the maximum DIY initiatives that can construct a fabricated racing vehicle and force iRacing. That will likely be the quality racing wheel.

Regarding the manufacturing time in generating this custom carbon steerage wheels, they require for your submission. Those steerage wheels reduce carbon fiber layers, and that they provide chamfer edges for your controls steerage wheels. Usually, it’ll anticipate 8 to 12 workday transport time after buying.

Product Characteristics Of Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

The kind of steerage is Sim racing steerage wheel and object is Audi R8. That steerage wheel length 180.89*286.34mm. It’s thickness manufactured out of excessive high-satisfactory 4mm or 3mm carbon fiber and Twill Weave layup. It has carbon shifter sweeps options additionally.

Also, you may order simple matte or different end carbon; sides chamfering is possible. What Jinjiuyi make is the most effective steerage wheel carbon base.


Your steerage wheel is the totality of your vehicle’s maximum essential components with that you have interaction the maximum. This is why their crew is setting the best attempt and connects the best high-satisfactory substances and craftsmanship within a wholly unique and slight improve that you’ll revel in on every occasion you move into the automobile.

Great construct, craftsmanship and high-satisfactory with Jinjiuyi carbon wheels, plus you may sense it if you hold one to your palms. You could purchase different racing wheels and wish to make more numerous DIY steerage wheels within the future.

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