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Casinos are quite an amazing place. People visit just to have a look at the glamorous lights and lives of rich people and they end up spending their annual savings or even more. This proves casino is tempting. But is it? What tempts us is money. People witnessing others making a dollar on 10 cents are what incites these people to play. Well now with the advent of online casinos it has become even easier to gamble, that too from the comfort of your home. But it is crucial to choose the right online casino to avoid hassles later.

In the tantalizing business of casinos, money is made by players as well as casinos. As the saying goes “The house always wins”. House edge is a term that is used to denote the profit of casinos. The lesser is the house edge, the more the players are likely to win.

Player’s earnings:

Every game in the casino has an RTP percentage which is the abbreviation of return to player percentage. This can be spotted in the instructions or rules of the game to be played. The thumb rule is that RTP above 95% lets players earn their invested amount. The majority of table-based casino games have an RTP exceeding 99%. On the other hand slot games have their RTP lying anywhere between 91% to 97%. Another casino game that rewards handsomely is video poker. One game that the newbies should avoid is progressive jackpots. It has an RTP of merely 90 percent.

Casino’s which pay handsomely:

  • Jackpotcity: With a roaring high return to player rate of 97.8% Jackpotcity is on the top of the list. If the surveys and ratings are to be believed then it is the best online Canadian casino. It has as many as 400 games on it. It also provides a welcome bonus of $1600.
  • Spin: With the return to player percentage of 97.4% this bad boy doesn’t lag on the list. It provides more than a thousand games on its website. Each manufactured by the most reputed game makers in the market.
  • PlayAmo: With RTP as high as 96.2% it should be on the list of every casino lover. It has the biggest collection of games, somewhere around 3500. It had various categories to choose from live games, table games, slots, etc. It has its very own wheel of fortune which the players can spin once a day to claim their reward. It accepts payments via several different options.
  • Betway: With an excellent RTP of 95.8% this online casino pretty much guarantees the users their money back. It has 4 different types of apps. These include live casinos, table games, sports betting, and slots. Among these sports betting is the most famous one.

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