Best places to live in California

With a reputation as one of the most costly states in the United State, California (thankfully) still has few economically sound places to reside – if you know where to see.

Here are the various affordable best places to live  in California:

1. Oxnard

About an hour north of Los Angeles, Oxnard offers beachfront living at an best affordable cost.

The median household income here is $62,349 with median house value settling at $332,600, which is a big deal for California actual estate.

Golf, winery visits and strolls on Mandalay Beach are a total portion of living in Oxnard.

With fertile agricultural land surrounding the city, many crops produced in the area. But Oxnard is most popular for its strawberries, with the famous California Strawberry Festival held here every year.

The city has great the nickname of the “Gateway to the Channel Islands,” a nearby national park and marine sanctuary.

2. Vacaville

Just 55 miles from San Francisco, Vacaville is a house for ranchers, farmers and residents looking for a peaceful community in which to raise a whole family.

The median house value is the most affordable on this list at $275,100, with a median household income of $74,207.

The Nut Tree, a roadside stop for travellers who required to purchase fresh, locally grown best fruit and nuts, and then a bigger restaurant complex, closed in 2009. But the site is now coming back as mixed-use progress.

Residents can take in outdoor adventures such as stroll between the hills in Lagoon Valley, excellent dining and shopping

3. Camarillo

A bedroom community, Camarillo is named as a hot shopping destination for the comfort of Southern California. Premium Outlet malls tempt those looking to make a big deal on buying.

That involves the housing costs as well. The median house value is $456,500 while residents take pleasure in a median household income of $87,120.

A lot of the activity is centred in the Old Town area, where a famous farmers market is fixed up on Saturday mornings.

The city also takes satisfaction in the recently restored Camarillo Ranch House, a historic Queen Anne-style house built-in 1892.

4.San Francisco

Set on and amidst 43 hills that tumble down to the water, San Francisco is an iconic city – in part due to its popularity, mist-shrouded Golden Gate Bridge. Each year, it welcomes millions of guests to its streets. Here you can be whoever you need to be, and its daring inhabitants have consistently pushed the boundaries of what is probable – whether that’s in terms of fashion and personality or innovation and technology.

This liberal community is a melting pot of different cultures and people and there are a plethora of farmer’s markets and restaurants in this best magical area, where elegant wine bars rub shoulders with quirky bars and popular cafes.

Lying next to the Pacific, it is a wonderful city to behold. Numerous various architectural styles are shown off in its buildings and there are few excellent viewing locations from the hilltops. Continually evolving and changing, San Francisco’s environment reflects this – the weather changes throughout the whole day, with rain and fog giving way to beautiful sunshine.

5. Sacramento

The capital of the state, Sacramento is set at the point where 2 rivers connected and are much more affordable than many of the other large cities in California. A sprawling area, interspersed among the modern buildings you can discover trendy boutiques, farmer’s markets and many more.

Old Sacramento is a historic centre, offering some interesting and exciting museums, restaurants and old-style stores. The city isn’t a poor place to visit and has few lively nightlife as well as the best art and cultural beautiful scene.

6. Anaheim

Fixed in Orange County, Anaheim is synonymous with Disneyland; the theme park lies directly next to it – consequently, most maximum visitors head directly to the park. Apart from this, the city is house to main baseball and hockey teams, so is the best place to watch a few of America’s most famous sports. As well as the various convention halls that dot Anaheim, it is a big stopping off point if you are viewing to explore more of Orange County.

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