Boat Maintenance: How To Care For Your Boat

Some boat owners don’t know the importance of maintaining their boats. Maintaining a boat is more than just cleaning and lubricating some sensitive parts. In some states, regular maintenance is a requirement of law, therefore it becomes compulsory.

You wouldn’t want to be trapped in the middle of the sea or river because you failed to carry out a regular maintenance check on your boat. Apart from visiting a technician routinely, there are certain maintenance tips that can save your boat from crashing in the middle of a ride.

Types of Boat Engine and their maintenance

Boats can be primarily classified into three types. The maintenance culture for each boat may differ because of their various functions. Let’s take a look.

Man-powered boats

These boats are not made with motors. Examples of man-powered boats are canoes, rowboats, kayaks, and so on. It is either controlled with hands or feet through paddles or pedals respectively. Ways to care for the man-powered boats are:

  • By washing the boats with soap and water especially when you go through salty oceans. This prevents microorganisms from cross-contamination.
  • Always store or remove boats from the Sea or river. It helps prevent theft
  • Inspect and clean control lines like pedals. For smooth control when using it
  • Re-coats or re-oiled the wooden seating or gunwales of the boat if they varnished.


This is a boat with sails. Caring for the sailboat shouldn’t be very difficult. Here are ways to care for your sailboat for better sailing:

  • Always make sure your sail is covered when not in use. Air and scrub sails seasonally.
  • Engine and electrical maintenance. It is very important to care for the engine by changing the oil and other fluids, inspecting the impeller, heat exchanger, and checking for cracks and rust.
  • Always maintain the rig that is the chainplates, turnbuckle, and clevis pin. Many sailors fail to pay attention to the rig until it is broken. The worst enemies of rigging are corrosion, cracks, and distortion.
  • Always clean and dry or replace bad canvas if it is worn out.

Motorboats (engine-powered)

These boats are made with motors for fast and efficient use. Here are some basic maintenance habits:

  • Always read the manual
  • Service the engine annually. You can decide to do it by yourself or give it to a professional technician
  • Fuel your boat always with gasoline that doesn’t contain ethanol
  • Frequently check battery terminal connection. Also secure the batteries with a battery tray
  • Frequently check your prop-shaft. Read the manual on how to remove the prop and inspect the shaft

You can see that the boats have similar ways of maintenance. The simplest of them all is always keeping it clean. Regular cleaning of the boat is very important.


It pays more when you do the simple home maintenance that enables the boat to last longer than the cost of getting a new one. Follow these procedures or visit a professional technician for maintenance and you are ready to enjoy boating. Finally, non slip boat decking is a good way to prevent a slippery boat floor.

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