Caterpillar (CAT) Unveils Their Next Generation Excavator Machinery

The company Caterpillar is focusing on some of their customer’s chief concerns such as fuel efficiency and the operating ease of their vehicles. In their next generation of Excavators CAT addresses all of these problems and more.

Late in 2017, CAT launched the new 320 GC, 320, and 323 all of which were 20-ton excavators that offered better operating efficiency, lower fuel usage, and fewer maintenance costs and on top of all that the vehicles are even made to be more comfortable for the operator than previous models.

“Helping customers lower their total cost of ownership is in Caterpillar’s DNA, through higher fuel efficiency and operator comfort. Our next-generation excavators reduce operating costs dramatically compared to the D2 series. Fuel consumption is reduced by as much as 25%, and maintenance costs are reduced by as much as 15% due to extended service intervals. The new cabs will help operators get the most out of their machines while minimizing fatigue. These features will become game-changers for the industry.” Stated Laurent Sarignac, excavation product marketing specialist for the Middle East and Africa, Caterpillar.

The CAT 320 and 323 feature many features that new game-changers to the market. One of these features is the CAT Connect, this is an intelligent suite of hardware, as well as software and includes services like CAT Grade and CAT Payload. The CAT Grade has a 2D system that guides the use for depth, slope, and horizontal distance to grade. The system also features an e-fence feature that allows the machine to work safely under structures and close to traffic since it gives the excavator limits on where it can go and by not leaving that area.

For even more feature’s upgrades are even available. The 2D system can be upgraded to the Cat Grade with advanced 2D or Cat Grade with a 3D Cat Grade that offers an assist that automates boom and bucket movements and reduces manual labor. This has shown to improve operator efficiency by margins of up to 45%. The machines also feature The Cat Payload system that enables the operator to monitor the productivity of the machines from the eight-inch monitor or remotely from the customer web portal Vision Link.

“Caterpillar has been investing heavily in research and development since the early 20th century, and we will continue to do so with a focus on creating value and generate superior customer satisfaction,” says Sarignac. “The response from markets where these new excavators have been introduced so far have been overwhelmingly positive. We will introduce them at trade shows during the first half of the year, before we start full commercial distribution during the second half of 2018 across the Middle East and Africa. Subsequent products will follow over the coming years, building on the existing technology, fuel efficiency and operator comfort to meet our customers’ requirements and deliver best-in-class owning and operating costs.”

According to information presented by CAT the 320 and 323 excavator models have the industry’s highest level of standard factory equipped technology. The CAT Connect technology that is equipped in both of the vehicles allows operating efficiency to be increased by up to 45% over other more traditional options. The smart mode operation on these vehicles automatically matches the power of the engine and the hydraulics for digging conditions, bettering fuel consumption rates, and for lowing the engine speed when there is no further need for hydraulics. All of this compounds on top of the new hydraulic return filter which allows a 3,000-hour service life which is a 50% increase over previous filters.

With all these upgrades CAT seems like it has a bright future ahead for their excavators to greater assist machinery owners and the excavator hire industry. As the years pass by more and more technology will be developed for excavators making them faster and easier to operate.

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