CELPIP Preparation- Different things to prepare for CELPIP Test

The full form of CELPIP is the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program. It is a test that demonstrates the ability of the candidate to function in the English language. It has two types: CELPIP- A general exam that tests the candidate’s capability in four areas- Listening, Reading, Writing, and speaking- and the CELPIP LS exam designed to test speaking and listening skills.


This exam is accepted by professional bodies, governments, universities, and colleges, and its marks are valid for two years. This test serves as proof of proficiency in English for many universities, for getting employment, and even for getting permanent resident status in Canada.

CELPIP General

This is accepted by IRCC, so if you want to acquire Canadian Citizenship or seek employment, you will have to take this exam. The CELPIP General test evaluates how skilled you are based on writing, reading, listening, and speaking. This 3 hours exam has four sections: Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing, and the test taker can score a maximum of 12 marks. The time allotted to each section of the CELPIP General exam is as follows:

  • Reading- 56-60 minutes
  • Speaking- 17-20 minutes
  • Listening- 45-55 minutes
  • Writing- 54-60 minutes.

CELPIP General-LS Test tests speaking and listening skills, and the time allotted for this exam is 1 hour. It is conducted at CELPIP Exam Centers across Canada.


In CELPIP, you will be given a passage to read which will contain complex sentences and difficult words. Critical analysis after finishing reading will help you in answering the questions. If you can understand the comprehension and answer the questions, well and good! But if you cannot, then resort to the elimination method.


The main test consists of 8 tests, while one is just for practice. Each test has a task or a question like giving advice, sharing personal experience, describing a scene, predicting, and so on. Speak clearly in your natural accent. Practice recording your answers on the microphone. There may be elements of disturbance like other candidates speaking exactly at the same time. So be prepared to deal with such a situation too. You can also ask your friends to help you prepare by giving feedback.


Since it is a computer-based exam, you will be given a keyboard and a mouse. The important things in this section are speed of typing and word count. It is suggested to increase your speed of typing on a computer and at the same time be very particular about the word count.


There are four things that you have to take care of in active listening. They are- Concentrate, hear, comprehend and remember. Keep calm and concentrate on the key points of the audio, even if you can’t comprehend each and every word. Once the audio plays, your question and options will appear.

If you keep the things mentioned above in mind, your CELPIP preparation will be good and you will be able to score good marks.

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