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Choosing the best fireplace grate: factors to consider

A fireplace grate is a place on which the fire burns. The chimney grate sits at your heart to provide maximum protection to your soil and also to increase airflow and allow smoke to escape through the chimney. Therefore, if you want to increase the overall heat of the fire in your fireplace, you will need a fireplace grate.

Benefits of the fireplace grate

You need to get a fireplace grate for the following reasons:

  • Increase the airflow so you can get better heat from the fire. In addition to this, better airflow in the grate will ensure that you have better smoke and fumes in the chimney.
  • The added airflow through the grill ensures that you have better oxygen availability. Oxygen is one of the most important in fire and therefore better oxygen availability means better fire.
  • If you close a chimney grate, it also means that you will get less pollution and smoke in your home.
  • Using a fireplace grate also means that the fire will burn at a higher temperature.

Factors to consider when buying a fireplace grate

Steel thickness

Most fireplace grates are ½-inch, ¾-inch, and 1-inch thick. The thicker a grid is, the better it will work. Try to find a ¾-inch fireplace grate. The thicker the steel, the more heat it can withstand. Therefore, using a ¾-inch steel grate will mean it is less likely to warp and sag less between the grates.

Leg support

Most grate fireplaces buckle and break in the middle. This can happen at any time and is one of the most common problems most people face. Most people use a stack of bricks to keep the fireplace grate from sinking down the middle.

So if you get a fireplace grate with leg support in the middle, it won’t sag and will work longer too. If you want to eliminate the chances of the rack sagging in the middle, it is always advisable to get a rack with leg support.

Height from the ground

The main purpose of the grill is to stop the fire from above the hearth. You need to let the fireplace flow smoothly from below in order that it can provide more oxygen to the fireplace. But sometimes, if your grate is too high off the ground, the fire can reach the ceiling.

In addition to this, you cannot place an additional log on the fire. Therefore, it is essential to position the grate at a suitable height, which can be up to 3-5 inches above the ground. If you have a small size fireplace, you can even reduce the size of the grate to a little shorter.


Most racks are the size of the leg to leg. It does not specify the size of your fireplace and how it will fit your fireplace. Therefore, it is advisable to measure the size of your fireplace and then buy the grate accordingly.

In addition to the present, many of us also face the matter of legs protruding at a 45-degree angle towards the bottom. This makes your fireplace area small. Therefore, you should check the legs and the overall size of the rack before purchasing.


Grids come in different shapes and sizes. Grids can be rectangular, oval, or standing. A rectangular grate will fit a rectangular fireplace and is best suited for an indoor fireplace. On the other hand, a circular or oval grill is best suited for outdoor spaces. And it’s suitable for places where people wish to sit together around a hearth.

Another type of grate is the standing grate that is located on the side of the wall. Therefore, before choosing the best fireplace grate, make sure you know your requirements and then select the grate according to its shape.

Mesh’s bottom

It is always advisable to purchase a mesh bottom fireplace grate. This allows the amber to be retained and allowed to burn within the main fire. Once the mesh fireplace grate is easily deformed, you will need to re-sew it. But, using a mesh button can easily help you get the heat out of the fireplace.

Having a fireplace is not essential. It is also important to buy a great one that can protect your heart and also give you the best fire for maximum comfort.

This fireplace grate purchase will help you analyze the various factors that you need to consider before making your purchase. So, use the guide, next time you want to buy a grate for your fireplace. If you will find the best electric fireplaces company then you choose can Magikflame.com

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