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Cleanliness: How to Do It Right?

Keeping your homes clean is very important. Nobody likes an untidy house. However, maintaining a clean environment must be of greater importance to everyone. It is always said that cleanliness is next to godliness, and it is true how vital a clean environment is, especially during times of a pandemic.

Some stains, however, might pose difficulties to clean by yourself. Some practices might be spread over large areas that might be challenging to cover. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that there are so many littered cigarette butts that, if taken, can circle the Earth 3.6 times! Individuals, street sweepers and cleaners in Sydney, Melbourne and other major Aussie cities have been trying to reduce the amount of waste generated and streamline it into better recycling processes to ensure a greener Earth.

Why is it necessary to keep clean?

The importance of cleaning can be studied in a two-fold manner. Personal hygiene is crucial to protect yourself from harmful pathogens and contaminated surfaces. Keeping clean helps boost your immunity and overall health. Keeping your surroundings clean helps avoid the creation of breeding grounds for germs and gives a sense of comfort and tidiness.

More straightforward cleaning routines like wiping down the kitchen counter before going to bed or sweeping the streets clean of the dried leaves have their benefits too. It gives the environment a neat look and provides a sense of satisfaction to the cleaner.

Types of Stains

Some stains are easy to clean, like a spill in the kitchen or dusty shelves. But other stains like wine on carpets or algae in pools are extremely difficult to clean without external support. Many cleaners in Sydney and other regional cities excel in assisting in such tasks. These services are not only for domestic settings but they can also be availed for commercial settings!

Here are some of the popular services offered:

  • Building Cleaning: Old and new buildings are dirty if they have been locked up for a while or have just been constructed. These stains need harsh chemicals to be cleaned. Many cleaners in Sydney and other cities use acetone, turpentine, and other methylated spirits to clean efficiently without damaging the walls, tiles, and furniture.
  • Carpet Cleaning: Carpets are extremely heavy and do not usually fit into a domestic washer. Commercially, carpets are cleaned efficiently using steam. Not just carpets, any upholstery made of carpet material can be cleaned and dried quickly in this way. This method avoids browning and extends the shelf life of the product.
  • Window Cleaning: Home-sized windows are easy to clean manually. However, 8-feet tall commercial windows require special services. With high-reaching ladders and specialised sponges, these services clean windows using methalyde, turpentine and ammonia-free solutions. This automatically enhances the quality and look of the building.
  • HighPressure Cleaning: Pools, patios, driveways and balconies often get laden with harsh, hardened residue that needs high-pressure cleaning. The pressure can go up to 4200 psi for outdoor cleaning and 3000 psi for indoor cleaning. Only alkaline-based activities with low pH are used to preserve the quality of the tiles and other sensitive surfaces.
  • End of Lease Cleaning: When an individual moves out or ends a lease contract, they face pressure from the landlords to the real estate agents. These people often expect the highest standard while returning the property. Cleaning services utilise high-grade equipment to remove all the stubborn residue, scuff marks and grease from the building.

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