Comprehensive Women’s Health Services in Florida

Living a healthy and fulfilling life entails following a viable wellness plan. As a woman, regular visits are the only way to ensure you optimize your reproductive and overall good health. Dr. Desai delivers exquisite services for women’s health in Lady Lake. In addition to holistic therapies, the doctor and staff further provide traditional treatments. If you seek top-notch women’s care services, contact Integrated Family Medical Center online or by phone to receive a personalized treatment plan capable of making you feel your best at every stage of your development.

What is the Importance of Having Well-Woman Exams?

Well-woman visits, often known as annual exams, are a type of preventative medicine that can help you avoid or discover serious medical issues early on.

Dr. Desai examines your overall health, as well as your personal and family medical history throughout your consultation. She examines your blood pressure, heart rate, and weight, as well as your risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol. She also gives any immunizations that may be necessary to protect your health.

Setting a benchmark of your health when you’re feeling your best will assist in identifying changes that may be cause for alarm in the future. Dr. Desai also provides women’s health services such as Pap smears, menopausal management, and incontinence treatment in conjunction with your physical wellness assessment.

When Should I Consider Getting a Pap Smear?

Screenings are part of preventive gynecology, which aims to uncover illnesses early on. One of these screenings is a Pap smear or Pap test. A Pap smear refers to a test used to detect cervical cancer typically done during a pelvic exam. The lower opening of your uterus is where your cervix is located. Cervical cancer screenings are the most reliable strategy to prevent and cure the disease.

When you reach the age of 21, or once you become sexually active, you should start getting regular Pap tests. Screening for sexually transmitted infections, uterine and ovarian abnormalities, and breast cancer are all part of preventive gynecology.

Menopause Management

When you reach menopause, your estrogen levels decrease, which can lead to several nasty side effects, including:

  •         Mood swings
  •         Vaginal dryness
  •         Aches and pains
  •         Incontinence
  •         Hot flashes

Dr. Desai knows the difficulties of menopause and offers both standard and holistic treatments, such as food changes, exercise, and orthomolecular supplements.

What is Incontinence?

Incontinence is a prevalent disease that can range in severity for many women. Involuntary loss of bowel control can occur when you sneeze or cough, when you can’t get to the bathroom quickly enough, or when you have a leak at your initial desire to pee.

Dr. Desai assesses your health and symptoms during your session to determine the reason for your incontinence. She then provides traditional treatments such as drugs, bladder training techniques, surgery, and alternative treatments such as lifestyle changes. Pelvic floor exercises, a healthy diet, and orthomolecular supplements may be included.

Call Integrated Family Medical Center or make a reservation online today if you need a women’s health provider you can trust.

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