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Dependable Techniques to Promote Your Youtube Channel for more Viewers

Increasing more YouTube views is every Youtuber S dream in today’s technology. Unfortunately, it is frustrating when we invest a lot of time creating many videos and getting very few views. Generally, without promoting and marketing these videos, someone might never reach many of his/her audience.

This is like throwing a massive party without letting individuals know the location of your party. However, you change such a situation, become a famous Youtuber, get more viewers, obtain more dollars.

Besides, we have come across several techniques to promote and market YouTube channels, but you might end up selecting unproductive ones without a supportive guide. Luckily, I have reviewed top-rated strategies tested and proven to promote and market someone’s YouTube for more views.

1. Select Google-friendly keywords

An effective YouTube channel begins with the best SEO. On the other side best SEO starts with a better understanding of what many users’ search for in social media networks. Generally, individuals utilize Google to search for videos on YouTube. If you need a beginner’s guide on SEO for YouTube, below are the most basic tips on how you will find useful Google-friendly keywords for your videos.

(a) Select a keyword that prioritizes videos and also suits your content.

(b) Know the possible keywords using a tool like Google Ads.

(c) Scan (SERP) search engine results page for every keyword you use (are they in top-ranking results or preferably written content?).

2. Collaborate with popular channels

Cross-promotion is among the most remarkable ways that expanded my YouTube audience within a brief period. In this case, when any creator with many audiences vouches for your specific content, he/she creates instant social proof. This persuades their many audiences to check yours too. However, to get effective collaborators, you require finding YouTube channels that have a similar:

(a) Audience Type

Consider checking out the main interest of your audience and other related channels they watch. Besides, your comments section will lend you a few interesting creators to associate with.

(b) Level of influence

Please don’t reach out to YouTube channels with more subscribers than yours, since your chances of getting their partnership will be below. Get channels that are not too far from yours.

3. Ask for help from your audiences.

YouTube viewers, like any other platform, do not have any problem with a call to action. This is courtesy of “Comment, Like, and subscribe.” It is an influential culture that video creators have infested on this specific platform. Therefore, consider requesting your audiences directly in these crucial moments like:

(a) Starting off your video – ask the viewers to” like, share, subscribe to your channel “ and “press that bell icon “to get notified whenever you have new updates for your specific channel.

(b) Video Description – many audiences will probably not read someone’s video description. But you can still place your request to share the videos from the channel.

(c) End screens – at every end of the video, audiences will expect engagement bait. Meaning retention can drastically drop. Thus be careful not to change frames and also keep talking while the end display appears.

4. Conduct a giveaway or contest

Conducting a giveaway or contest is an excellent way to mobilize your community and increase the channel’s activity. In essence, also the driving engagement tends to expose someone to a new audience for your YouTube channel.

This is because the participants love sharing their entries with their private networks. In this case, find a brand sponsor who will effectively sponsor your contest if you don’t have personal products you intend to give away.

5. Share your YouTube videos on other social media channels.

If you’re an upcoming or experienced blogger, having other social media properties plays a big part in growing your viewers. This gives someone a chance to create community outside of your channel and direct traffic from other related popular social networking and social media channels.

Remember to share the videos after the consistent interval. Also, utilize hashtags whenever you are sharing for others to discover them quickly. Below are the best and active sites that can promote someone’s YouTube videos:

(a) Pinterest profile

(b) Twitter profile

(c) Instagram profile

(d) Facebook page

6. Optimize your video title for more clicks

Your YouTube videos are a significant factor when it comes to increasing viewers. It is essential to do in-depth research and find what individuals are mostly searching for on Google, then craft an attractive title around that specific area. However, consider the below tips when writing your YouTube video title:

(a) Make your title an attention-grabbing

(b) Keep right to the point and short.

(c) Comprise keywords at starting of your title

(d) Include the current year if it is possible, for example ( best tips for 2019)

(e) Utilize emotional trigger words, for example ( Lonely, Censored, Sensual, Passionate, etc.)

(f) Utilize “power words” like ( Awesome, best, incredible, etc.)

(g) Capitalize the headline title

7. Create custom thumbnails

Thumbnails are among what matters a lot in increasing YouTube viewers. This is probably because our brains are more hardwired to notice visuals at the first point. Besides, YouTube offers automatic thumbnails for every video though they are out of focus or blurry. So to boost your audiences, consider creating an attractive custom thumbnail for each video you post. Below are helpful “rule of thumbs” for excellent results:

(a) Be very consistent with another related branding.

(b) Utilize superior contrast images

(c) Select an attractive close-up photo if possible

(d) Utilize a stock image in doubt

(e) Add colors and text to encourage clicks.

(f) Format, PNG. JPG. BMP. or GIF

(g) Resolve; 1280*720 PX.

(h) Size: always respect the 2MB limit


YouTube is getting more popular day after day, and it’s benefiting many of us in different ways, but only if it is effective and active. Besides, your viewers will make your channel more functional and reliable. Thus, it is helpful to have tips on increasing your audiences on YouTube and reaching many of them worldwide.

Fortunately, I have selected the top-rated and dependable tips that will meet your expectations quickly. Consider trying the above approved techniques and see the excellent results on your YouTube channel. Good Luck

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