Different Circular Connector Coupling Methods for Harsh Environmental Conditions

Various electrical equipment is designed to work in different environmental conditions. Hence, the connectors play a very vital role with the situation is harsh and hazardous. If the mating of the connectors is not done properly, it may put the user’s life at risk and can damage the device to never repair condition. Hence, connector coupling methods play a very vital role before using them for any device. Various types of circular connector coupling methods are introduced with different benefits and usage but all of them serve the same purpose of providing safe and secure connections to the devices.

Before selecting an appropriate coupling method, it is important to have complete information about all the coupling methods as every method has its benefits and is used for different applications.

1. Bayonet-style Coupling Method:

A very popular and easy-to-install bayonet-style coupling method uses the “push” and “twist” mating method which is a very simpler mechanism that makes the procedure faster and easy to handle. Because of their faster mechanism, this coupling method is used with the appliances that require quick mating and un-mating procedure. In this coupling method, the connectors are comprised of bayonet pins and ramps in which the coupling and de-coupling are easily done by turning the coupling ring in a one-third circular motion. Once, the coupling is done, do not leave without checking it. The coupling ring has inspection holes that are used to identify whether the connection is locked properly or not and this can be more efficiently achieved using visual, audible, and physical confirmation.

This coupling method is used for the industrial connectors that are majorly used in sensors, generators, and engines.

2. Threaded Coupling Method:

The most consistent one among others is yet a bit difficult as this coupling method is done by mating with a thread where the most important step is to identify the final positioning of the twist. The complete procedure is dependent on the twisting technique and if not done properly, the threads may get stripped. Similarly, if the coupling gets loosened at any point in time it may lead to ingress, shock, and vibration in the person using the device. Hence, this coupling method is best suitable for the devices where low mating cycles are required.

This coupling method is used for the connectors that are used in military equipment, heavy pieces of machinery, communication devices, etc.

3. Clip-lock Coupling Method:

It is another popular coupling method in circular connectors that are famous for the self-latching mechanism that makes them less accident prone. They are also known by another name push-pull which is given to them as the plug is pushed into the corresponding socket to complete the self-latching procedure. It is so easier to break its electrical connection as it can easily be done by just squeezing the connector body in an outward direction. This coupling method is more popular among the devices that require a quick connection and disconnection and some of the applications are military vehicles, medical devices, transportation equipment, etc.

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