Dining Sets can change your look! Here’s how.

Dining sets comprise a dining table, dining chairs, and tablecloth linens. Many people think that the utility of a dining table is only to sit and eat but ignore the fact that it is a key element in the styling of the dining room. Multiple pieces of the dining table set can be styled in various ways to change the complete look of the dining room. Our article is going to tell you 6 ways in which you can use unique ways of styling your dining room!

  1. The Rustic Look: This is a very popular and approachable theme for a lot of people. Because most dining tables are wooden anyways, they feel right at home in places that want to capture a classic, simple, and rustic feel. This kind of wooden look was made popular by the lumberjack community of the USA and soon enough spread to the rest of the world. 
  2. Victorian Look: This is a more advanced version of the wooden table. These dining tables and chairs are ornated with complex designs of woodworks. Using table linen that is stitched or latticed also adds another layer to this theme. The Victorian look feels royal, timely, and opulent.
  3. Pop Colour: A very popular trend in the 80s, pop color design aesthetic is seeing a comeback in these recent years. The idea here is simple. Your furniture should be in a color that pops out to the viewer’s eyes. This is achieved by having bright attractive colors like red, orange, and yellow. Pop art doesn’t need any fancy expensive pieces, and older shabby pieces can easily be converted into trendy and colorful with a paint job. 
  4. Modernist Look: Modern house design is all about minimalism and taking up very little room, rather than letting space speak for itself. In this, slim metallic frames and glass tops fit the best with this kind of a look. The modern look isn’t suited for smaller houses, so it can end up being a bit expensive due to the metal frames. 
  5. Boho Dining Table: The boho style has been seeing a resurgence in the past five years. This theme is defined by being a mish-mash of various elements that gives a ‘Bohemian’ look that doesn’t conform to any other styling fashion. With this setup, you can go all out creative as there are no right rules except more and more. Everything works, so feel free to decorate your table with linens, showpieces, and hangings. 
  6. Ethnic Look: Our Indian culture has a lot of furnishing cues to take inspiration from. Jute stiched furniture as the chairs and dining tables are a great option. Having the dining set built in the older Mughal or Rajputana styles ends up giving you a beautiful piece with an oriental flavor. Many antique furniture sets are also available to fill this role.

With these styling themes, you need to consider the overall look of your dining room. You can either buy furniture that fits your room, your style your entire room around the dining piece. The choice is all yours!

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