Discover the Chief Ingredients of a Meme that Makes It Spicy & Viral-Ready

Memes are the leaders of visual content that are shareable, witty, humorous, and have immense potential for going viral. Memes can be a simple picture, GIF, or video with a compelling or witty tagline. Memes are online content that has been designed and effectively packaged for sharing and re-sharing with others. Memes created by individuals have gained incredible popularity. For instance, we have witnessed the phenomenal success of the Overly Attached Girlfriend or the Success Kid. According to the Search Engine Journal, while communicating online, it seems hard to express your feelings clearly. There is no way you can demonstrate a frown, shrug, roll your eyes, or even smile at people. You cannot even make your audience laugh using your funny expressions. 

Experts firmly believe that memes and GIFs could speak volumes and can be successful in inducing a nod of acknowledgment or approval, a chuckle, or hearty laughter. Memes can be a competent tool for marketing your brand or businesses and talking to your target audience. Experts think that there exists an unexploited and untapped potential for brands to leverage the power and versatility of Internet memes. 

Reasons Why Memes Are Best for Your Marketing Endeavors

  • Memes are known to be already viral: As memes are incredibly popular, you may bank on such content since it is a perfect way of getting your brand noticed on the web.
  • Memes can be pretty simple & easy to make. Anybody with basic computer skills and a device connected to the Internet can successfully create and upload a meme within merely a few minutes.
  • Memes are hugely shareable so, they are ideal for social media sharing. Memes can generate instant engagement. Your content will be shared across a host of online platforms and channels. 
  • Memes help in making campaigns more relevant and relatable. Marketers, brands, and advertisers are in perpetual pursuit of effective ways of grabbing the attention of young people. Memes could be best for grabbing their attention. Memes are witty and humorous, and they help in demonstrating to your young customers that you know the secret of having fun. It makes your business or brand more relevant and relatable to your young audience.

Let us explore some integral components essential for creating a successful meme.

Top Ingredient: Humorous & Witty

Memes may appear funny and entertaining, but they do carry a message. There is always a witty connotation to the way you communicate with your audience. Remember that it is not essential to have a serious subject matter, but you should consider relating it to a trending and far-reaching topic. It is best to remain humorous and witty with all your memes irrespective of the silliness or seriousness of the specific subject matter. Choose the best memes from Meme Scout for a successful marketing campaign.

Necessary Ingredient: Trendy & Creative

Focus on chalking out marketing strategies using memes that are very much in vogue and trendy. You may focus on adding your unique twist. Memejacking with trendy stuff could prove to be highly-popular, provided you add your unique touch and take your brand to the next level. For example, General Electric or GE focused their attention on using an existing sensation like the ‘Hey Girl’ series, but they made it a point to recreate or reinvent it. 

Crucial Ingredient: Relatable

According to the findings of a study conducted by Facebook, it is best to post memes on topics that are relevant and related to the brand. Your clients are looking for relatable content online. Posting interesting and relatable content is the most effective way of driving relevant engagement.                                            


It is best to focus your attention on creating your memes by effectively utilizing cutting-edge meme generators available online. Do not forget to use the key ingredients to make your meme far spicier and digestible to your audience.

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