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DIY: Installing Shower Filters

Everyone knows that unfiltered water can be hazardous when consumed. But unfortunately, many people claim that humans can use tap water prior to treating it, which is entirely untrue. The water coming directly from a tap is not for human consumption. 

Why shouldn’t you use unfiltered water?

  • The chemicals found in tap water can lead to life-threatening conditions and long-term defects. The microparticles in unfiltered water can damage kidneys and cause kidney stones. It is because there are countless chemicals along with microparticles in unfiltered water. 
  • These particles and chemicals can further cause hepatitis and many other deadly diseases.
  • It is as dangerous as drinking it when it comes to washing hands or Vitamin C Filters. Our skin is responsible for many vital functions, such as vitamin D collection. When chemicals such as chlorine touch the skin’s surface, they harm it.
  • Chlorine is responsible for killing bacteria and works as a pathogen killer, our skin’s microbiome.

What to do to avoid these adverse conditions?

One of the solutions you can opt for is installing a shower filter on your shower head. If you want to install a shower filter on your shower head, you need to follow a few simple steps. Installing shower filters is straightforward and can be done without a lot of assistance.

The first thing you need to decide is what type of filter you need. There are various types of filters you can buy according to your preference.

Different types of shower filters

Selecting a shower filter is very important as many people have specific preferences. For example, you can attach a carbon filter or vitamin C filter, or KDF filter; all of these work fine. Hence the ball is in your court to decide what to choose.

  • Carbon filter

These filters are very cheap and can effectively remove chlorine. However, carbon filters are not always good with hot water, so these are ideal for you if you are a cold shower person. In addition, carbon filters do not remove chloramines which is a drawback of opting for one.

  • Vitamin C filter

These filters are super trendy nowadays and can effectively remove chlorine. Vitamin C filters are very capable of removing all other contaminants as well. These filters create a chemical reaction that eliminates both chloramines as well as chlorine. Vitamin C filters can prove to be very beneficial for your skin as well. These filters make the skin glow better and also help in healing damaged skin cells. 

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  • KDF Filters

KDF filters are also very cheap and effectively filter chlorine. However, unfortunately, KDF filters do not work against chloramines.

Installing a shower filter 

For this process, you will need pliers, Teflon tape, and a filter. Afterward, you need to follow the steps mentioned here to install a shower filter quickly.

Step 1: You will first detach the showerhead by using the pliers. After removing the head, use the tape around the male threads on the shower pipe.

Step 2: After you tape the shower pipe, place the filter on the pipe and rotate it. Rotate the filter clockwise direction and turn on the shower.

Step 3: Once the water begins to flow, you will notice the discoloration in the water. Wait till standard water starts to come out.

Step 4: When the water has turned normal, you can reattach the showerhead with your hand and viola! You are all done. You can enjoy your shower without having to worry about it harming you.

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