Do I need coaching to clear the SSC JE EXAM?

Coaching and training institutes are part of the daily routine of students. For every class or exam preparation, students spend their precious time after school in coaching centres only. Few students are comfortable with this routine, while some don’t.  As far as the SSC JE exam is concerned, many students join coaching centres to study better to clear the exam. But the main question is that should everyone join coaching centres and increase traffic over there? Clearing any exam requires dedication and self-study, which many aspirants lack of. Whether they are a coaching student or not, 100% study motivation is required. Here in this blog, we will answer your query about whether coaching is required for you or not.

To join coaching or not is the question

Do you have time for self-study?

SSC JE is a technical exam, and your special attention is required on the syllabus. The syllabus consists of General Awareness, Reasoning and Intelligence, and Engineering questions. Each part is different from the others. Now figure out whether you have time to self-study or not at your home? If you cannot devote time at home and get distracted by household chores, join coaching centres near your location. We are saying nearby that it saves your travelling time, which reduces the chance of fatigue. Coaching centres will help you with the SSC JE Answer Key of sample questions expected in the exam. Also, you can group study at centres with your colleagues which may not be possible at your home. 

Professional guidance or self-guidance 

Professional tutors are experienced and have extensive knowledge about the topics. SSC JE exam consists of technical topics that may require professional assistance. Students find challenges in covering the engineering paper where questions belong to different engineering branches. Many of them find self-studying the best option and are confident about their preparation. But the issue is, whom will they approach to ask doubts. Self preparation is a good strategy and a blend of professional touch that only coaching centres can provide. 

Right direction

Some students are confident about themselves, and they can handle all application processes, from getting an SSC JE Admit Card to clearing the exam. Many of them don’t have an idea or mentor who can guide them in the correct direction. The mentor’s role is not limited to the tuitions and solving problems but also giving students the right direction. Professional tutors highlight your strengths and weaknesses that can help you ace the examination with good scores. You are the raw clay, and they are the potter who can craft you in a better structure. Students who do self-study are also capable of knowing themselves, and some of them watch online videos on YouTube for guidance. 

Study materials

In the first pointer, we mentioned that many coaching centres have study materials that help students revise and prepare. These study materials are a compilation of different topics entailing the relevant topics and brief descriptions. Good study resources increase the chance of clearing the examination with good scores. Mock question papers, Test series, and other resources are proven useful for students’ preparation. In self-studying, you can do the same, but you have to pay a nominal cost as well. Whereas in coaching centres it is included in the monthly fees where you get all materials to study.


It’s totally up to you whether to join coaching classes or not for the SSC JE preparation. But if you are joining only for fun, then note it, coaching centres are not the time pass zone for you. Dedicate yourself towards study to make a bright future.

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