Do You Know Customers Are Mini Marketers?

Customers can serve as mini marketers through word of mouth if they are treated with care, according to studies. They can even increase sales through referrals. Successful leaders like Larry Weltman Toronto and Oprah Winfrey know this, which is why they capitalize on it by offering the best customer service.

How do you capitalize on this fantastic opportunity? Here are some pointers to help you turn your customers into mini-marketers.

  • Strengthen the relationship to foster trust

Developing a long-term and trusting relationship with a customer is a never-ending task that begins with the first purchase. It is then necessary to confirm the order and thank the customer via email, SMS, or mail, depending on the contact information provided.

It is critical to follow up on the first message with additional messages. Your clients must have a fresh recollection of who you are. This is only possible if you contact them and stay in touch with them.

  • Provide flawless quality service

The level of service has a significant impact. Quick and impressive service will undoubtedly keep you in your customers’ good graces.

Customer service or after-sales service must have access to the same information as sales representatives in order to quickly resolve any requests.

Is a customer in need of a spare part? To provide the correct reference, after-sales service instantly accesses the customer’s most recent purchases. As a result, customer service must have access to sales data in order to contextualize contact with the customer as much as possible.

  • Create a loyalty program

In exchange for points, the loyalty program allows you to reward and promote loyalty by providing access to discounts, gifts, a “VIP club,” and additional services.

Other benefits of this program include; it enables the collection of new information about the customer, the enrichment of the customer file, and the delivery of increasingly relevant offers. It encourages the customer to buy again, to take advantage of a one-time discount, to use his “gift points,” and so on.

  • Allow the customer to speak

The customer wishes to be able to exchange information with the company and other customers. So, don’t be afraid to establish a customer community, a “customer club” with regular meetings, a forum where your customers can express themselves, and a blog where such people can comment on articles.

These various tools enable:

  1. To encourage customer-to-customer or customer-to-prospect exchanges. When your customer can express their concerns, they are relieved.
  2. To foster a sense of belonging to the “customer community,” which is enhanced if the brand has a strong image.
  3. To establish an emotional connection with the brand: the customer recognizes himself in the brand’s values and even claims it.
  • Sell more to those who purchase

Bet on an up-selling offer to a customer who has just purchased your product, confirming their interest in a more complete, advanced, and recent version.

This “improvement” offered to buyers raises the average value of customers while satisfying the proposal’s customer value. It can be supplemented by cross-selling by providing a complementary product, an accessory, or something similar. Most businesses do this, including Larry Weltman Toronto, a real estate firm owner.

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