Eau-De-parfum: A Quick Guide

Are people still wearing a signature scent in 2021? The answer is yes, although younger generations are looking for new and innovative smells and sources for their perfumes.

Whether you’re buying a small-batch organic scent or a popular drug store perfume, one thing never changes: the terms used to describe what you’re buying.

Chances are, you’ve heard the term Eau-de-Parfum before. The question is, what is Eau-de-Parfum? Why do you still need to understand this term today?

Read on to learn more about Eau-de-Parfum, how to use it, and where to find it.

What Is Eau-de-Parfum?

Many people falsely assume that the term “Eau-de-Parfum” is a fancy way of referring to any perfume or cologne. However, what the term actually describes is the concentration of perfume in the bottle.

Perfume refers to the oils used to create that lovely smell. However, when you buy a bottle of perfume (or cologne), you’re not usually buying a bottle full of perfume. Instead, you’re buying a bottle of perfume mixed with a carrier liquid or oil.

If you want a bottle of straight-up perfume, you’ll want to look for Parfum. Parfum is 100% perfume and it tends to cost a fortune.

Eau-de-Parfum is the next best thing. It has a concentration of 15% perfume or higher, making it less intense and less expensive.

If you come across an Eau-de-Toilette, make sure that you’re not spending a ton of money on it. Eau-de-Toilettes have a perfume concentration of between 5-15%, making them one of the weakest options on the market.

What Is the Best Way to Use Eau-de-Parfum?

Now, let’s talk about some Eau-de-Parfum tips. What is the best way to use this particular concentration of perfume?

An Eau-de-Parfum tends to remain fragrant on the skin for about six hours. A spritz on the neck or clavicle followed by a spritz on one or both wrists will do the trick.

If you’re wearing a scent for an evening event, you should only have to apply your Eau-de-Parfum once. If you’re wearing a scent for an all-day event, consider packing it into your purse. About halfway through your day, spray two light refreshing spritzes on your neck and wrist.

Where Can You Find Eau-de-Parfum?

Eau-de-Parfum is a popular concentration level, making it easy to find. The key is finding the best price for your signature scent, whether it’s a popular choice like DKNY or something on the rarer side.

Using an online search tool is the best way to hunt down great deals on the best Eau-de-Parfum. What could be better than getting a great perfume for a great price?

These Old Terms Still Matter in the Scent Industry

Even as we see a shift in the perfume industry brought on by younger generations, the old terms still matter. We hope that our Eau-de-Parfum guide has helped you learn more about the value and desirability of this concentration, how to use it, and where to find it.

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