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Everything You Need to Know About End of Lease Cleaning

You have found a new home, and you are ready to move out from your old one. Or, you are reaching the end of your leasing period and want to move on from that place. Either way, your agreement should have a clause stating the need to clean the premises before leaving.  And it means that you would have to release the rental property the same way it was before you started living there. Therefore, end of lease cleaning entails a damage-free and neat property.

So, this article explains everything you need to know about this cleaning process.

What Is It Important to Clean Your Rental Property Before Leaving?

Choosing to move out can be a huge decision. Indeed, you will be leaving behind some precious memories. Meanwhile, did you know that 26% of Australians have leased their homes from private landlords?

Due to this, it only seems fitting that you keep your home clean before the next tenant moves in. And it is essential because of the agreement you signed before you leased it.

Cleaning your property before leaving will help leave a good impression on your landlord. Furthermore, it will also enhance your credibility as a good tenant in the market. Besides, it can help you get your security deposit without any hassle.

Even then, the task of cleaning your home can be daunting. Hence, along with the pressure of leaving your home, you have more stress about home cleaning. Due to this, it would be best to call upon a vacating cleaning service.

The Cleaning Checklist for End of Lease

Before you invite a cleaning service over, you need to understand what parts require maintenance. Ideally, it can already be mentioned in the agreement, but here is a cleaning checklist if it is not:

  • Cleaning of glass surfaces like mirrors or windows
  • Vacuuming of mats, upholstery, floor covers
  • The dusting of all hard surfaces
  • In-depth kitchen surface cleaning
  • Removal of marks, cobwebs or dust
  • Scrubbing of the toilet

Along with these, you need to ensure a thorough cleaning that leaves your property looking unblemished. So, aim for a sparkling outcome.

Benefits of Using Professional Services for Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, you might not be able to deal with the pressure of moving and thinking of cleaning. Therefore, hiring professional cleaners will be ideal. As such, take a look at some of the advantages of professional end of lease cleaning:

  • Saves money and time: The services offered can sanitise and clean the property quickly and efficiently.
  • Helps secure the bond amount: With professionals, you have a 100% guarantee to get your security deposit back.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning: The best cleaning companies utilise less harmful and eco-friendly cleaning solutions like baking soda, lemon, vinegar, warm water and salt.
  • Simplifies the process: Such companies can help de-stress the moving out process. Besides, this can save time by taking over the critical deep cleaning process.

Apart from these, a cleaning company will follow all the standard procedures of making the property free of damage and dirt.

Cleaning your leased apartment can be hard when you are already stressed about moving out. However, using professionals for the process can help minimise that hassle. Meanwhile, it is essential to understand that cleaning the property has been agreed upon and requires completion if you want your bond amount. Due to this, having professionals can help save money, simplify the process and offer an eco-friendly cleaning. So, go ahead and book the best in your area and move on to your next home.

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