Everything You Need to Know Before Selecting a Cloud Security Platform

It is high time that all businesses and organizations become hyper-vigilant about cybersecurity. Whether they use a cloud-based feature or a traditional on-premises one, cyber-attacks on sensitive data can come out of nowhere.

Especially with the cloud network growing into an integral part of businesses, people continue to have their fair share of doubts about cloud security. Because of this, many organizations are turning to cloud security platforms to manage both tactical and strategic security initiatives.

Before selecting a cloud security platform, you must learn how they contribute to the safety of your network.

Learn About Shared Responsibility Model

Even though most cloud security solutions operate in the cloud, you want to be sure that they adhere to the shared security responsibility model. All it means is, the platform should be following best practices to keep systems, applications, and data present in the cloud secure.

Even if the systems use a cloud service provider with top-notch security features, you must check if they are implementing the best practices.

Though it is natural to expect a security company to present you with a secure product, you must verify before you trust. From firewalls to user access policies, monitoring and alerting, and encryption, the platform must offer all.

One way to gauge the platform’s way of work is by getting an insight into how they monitor their cloud environment. Only if you learn how they handle threat intelligence will you compare it with your requirements.

Check If They Have Security Experts in the Team

When you choose a cloud security platform, check if it is up-to-date on the latest cloud security techniques. Does the cloud security solution develop its own best practices? Do they openly share information? These are a few questions that you must find answers to. The answers can speak volumes about the platform’s reliability and trustworthiness.

If a platform offers all these features as a package, choosing it can benefit you in numerous ways. Especially if you have no time to catch up on new updates and developments in the world of security, you will be in safe hands if you choose platforms that offer centralized features.

Besides checking the platform’s foundation of expertise, how do you figure out that they work as a dedicated and knowledgeable team?

Firstly, check if they have an updated blog. Next, look for the resources section on the platform’s website. While discussing with the sales team, find how knowledgeable they are by asking questions. This way, you can understand the actual intent of the cloud security solution before signing up for the service.

Do They Work With Clients In Your Industry?

Each industry faces unique threats depending on specific compliance regulations and customer requirements. If you are in a highly regulated industry, you may only have to meet compliance regulations Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

However, to ensure complete data security, the cloud security platform must go above and beyond the basic compliance requirements. To that end, you must know whether the cloud security platform you are looking into is apposite for your business.

Have they worked with other customers in your industry? Check the website and look at the list of customers with whom they have already worked.

If there are any testimonials or use cases you can refer to, don’t hesitate to take the plunge. While meeting up with the experts in the team, talk to them about their past and current use bases and customer base.

Understand Data Security and DDoS

Distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) attacks are on the rise in recent times. A top cloud security platform will focus on measures to stop massive amounts of traffic aimed at an organization’s cloud network.

The traffic is kept in check by experts by monitoring, absorbing, and dispersing various DDoS attacks.

Data security is the next pressing issue in the cloud network. In the growing era of data breaches, you must rely on a good cloud security solution with security protocols to safeguard sensitive transactions and data. It prevents third parties or even insider threats from tampering with the data at rest or in transit.

Check If They Offer Round-The-Clock Support

A reliable cloud security platform will offer constant support for the organization’s assets. It includes live monitoring 24*7 for the subscribed time. There are usually redundancies built in to make sure that the cloud network is safe. You must learn how a cloud security platform eliminates security risks, offers customer support, and more before choosing the solution for your organization.

With the above considerations in mind, talk to experts from cloud security platforms to determine which product is a good match for your organization’s cloud security goals. It is essential to be up-to-date and well-informed about the premise before choosing any cloud security tool for the matter.

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