Excel to PDF Conversion: Things to Know When Converting with GogoPDF

It is not a surprise that whenever we look for the best way of converting one file format to another on the internet, it will yield you so many platforms. That may sound like a tedious task, but believe us, it really is. You wouldn’t want to scour the internet just to find something reliable and trustworthy.

Luckily for you, we have here a tested and proven platform where you can conveniently, quickly, and easily convert, manage, and edit your files without spending a single cent. Well, that is if you choose not to subscribe to a paid subscription. So, in this article, we will give you some of the best features whenever you convert your Excel files to PDF with GogoPDF. But first, what’s GogoPDF?


GogoPDF is a free platform where converting, editing, and converting files can be done without experiencing any hiccups or problems. Even the less tech-savvy people who aren’t familiar with these kinds of tools won’t have any problems navigating or using the tools. With GogoPDF, you can easily convert your files from Excel to PDF, JPG to PDF, PPT to PDF, Word to PDF, HTML to PDF, and PNG to PDF.

With that said, you certainly don’t have to move from one platform to another just to find that one specific tool you need in completing your tasks for the day. Not only that but GogoPDF also has a bunch of other tools, including PDF repair, merge, protect, split, add page numbers, compress, and many more. Knowing only this, you surely have everything you need, right?

GogoPDF Features

While it may be true that some platforms also offer these converter tools. But what makes GogoPDF unique is some of its features, which we will be discussing later on. We will surely cross off some prerequisites on your list with these features.

Easy to Use

We all want to have an easy time doing everything, right? We guess it’s safe to say that no one here wants to have a hard time just converting files. Luckily, GogoPDF has simplified its platform so that converting files from Excel to PDF has never been easier. The first thing you have to do is go to the platform’s website and click on the Excel to PDF converter tool.

Upon clicking, it will immediately transfer you to a new landing page where you can easily upload all the files you want to convert, which can be done in two easy and simple ways: Clicking on the Select Files button or dragging and dropping the files you want to convert into the converter box.

When you’re done, you just have to wait for a few seconds then GogoPDF will immediately convert your files in just a matter of seconds regardless of how many or how big the files are. Lastly, you can now directly save your freshly converted files into your storage devices or share them with other people via the shareable link provided.

Customer Privacy

GogoPDF guarantees that everyone using their platform wouldn’t worry about their files’ safety and security. With that said, everything you input, including your files, security codes, passcodes, and even your credit card information, will be automatically deleted.

GogoPDF has also included in their security measures an SSL encryption technology that guarantees all the files you transmit along the internet are encrypted and protected from the creeping hands of cybercriminals. In much simpler words, you don’t have to worry about your files being tampered with, stolen, or compromised by any unauthorized people.

Customer Service

There aren’t a lot of online PDF converters that offer a highly responsive customer service team that will happily aid you in everything you need in completing your daily tasks. Fortunately for us, GogoPDF has one! With this in mind, it doesn’t matter whether you’re new to the tool or someone who’s experiencing some trouble, GogoPDF’s customer service team will help us in any way they could.

Also, since the platform aims to improve the quality of their services to give users the best service, they welcome any form of feedback, comment, or thoughts you may have that can ultimately help them improve.

GogoPDF Pro

If you want to support the platform and at the same time receive much better services and bonuses, you should opt for a Pro version account. The paid subscription bonuses and added features are an ad-free interface, unlimited storage, and many more.


Choosing GogoPDF in converting your Excel files to PDF is the next best decision you will ever make in your life. While it’s true that the GogoPDF Pro isn’t free, we can guarantee that it is a worthy investment that you surely won’t regret.

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