Factors to Consider When Buying a Diesel Water Pump in Kenya

The following article discusses the key things one must consider before buying a diesel water pump. The report analyses five factors that every buyer should know about a water pump before purchasing it. As diesel water pumps do not come cheap, it is essential to ensure you buy the one that suits your needs perfectly.

Water pumps are designed to move many liters of water from one area to the other. As time advanced, companies have manufactured highly durable and efficient water pumps. There are two types of water pumps. These are the diesel/petrol and the electric-powered water pump.For small indoor requirements, electric-powered water pumps are used.

The diesel/petrol water pumps are used in farming, mining, and construction. In choosing the best diesel water pump, one should consider the inlet size, flow rate, pressure and maximum head, pump quality, and the kind of water pumped.

Inlet Size

Most diesel pumps have an inlet size that ranges from one inch to six inches. The inlet valve allows water to be sucked into the pump. Afterward, the water is ejected through a discharge valve. The inlet size affects the amount of water a pump can move in a given time. Pumps with a bigger inlet size allow more water to be pumped, thusfinishing the job faster than those with a small inlet size.

Flow rate

It is essential to know how fast the job will be done while buying a new water pump. The flow rate is indicated as the number of liters of water that can be pumped per minute. They are some powerful portable diesel water pumps that can pump at speeds of two thousand and five hundred liters per minute and even more.

The flow rate is a determining factor in the diesel water pumps prices in Kenya. The proper flow rate depends on the use of the pump. Water pumps meant for use at home typically have a rate of a hundred to two hundred liters of water per minute.

Pressure and maximum head

The maximum head is the maximum height that a water pump can pump. Every pump has specifications published by the manufacturer. The head is crucial as it enables one to buy a pump capable of pumping to the required level. To pump to a certain height, you have to have a pump with a higher head than the height that you want.

The head also allows you to know what the uplift and suction height of the pump is. Furthermore, the head can be used to calculate the pressure rating in terms of PSI. One meter of the head is approximately equal to 1.42 PSI.

Pump quality

The pump quality is essential to most buyers. The brand of the water pump and the componentry it comes with should be considered in rating quality. The best pumps come with solid warranties. water pump prices in Kenya vary depending on the pump’s brand and quality.

Kind of water to be pumped

The kind of water you want to move is also critical. Trash pumps are highly recommended for water with solids or debris, while diaphragm pumps are suitable for thick sludge and sewage water. For pumping industrial or agricultural chemicals, a chemical pump is the best option. Each pump has its use, and using a pump for inappropriate use will reduce its lifetime.


They are many types of diesel water pumps available in the market. Each water pump has its specifications and is perfect for a particular use. This article highlights some of the factors you should consider before buying one.

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