Factors to Consider while Choosing Women’s Straw Cowboy Hats

Are you thinking of being a hat person? Welcome to the world of fabulousness and magic where every dress, every outfit will look fancier and complete with a hat. Today, women can look chic and fashionable by sporting a stunning straw cowboy hat. The cowboy hat seems to be the staple item for everyone trying to appear dressed in Western-style. The cowboy straw hats for women are great-looking and can be paired with the quintessential faded blue jeans and a casual white shirt.

According to Cosmopolitan, we use the term cowboy for Western-style hats that were initially worn by ranchers. The cowboy hats had been designed to allow seamless airflow to make sure that ranchers do not succumb to heat. Today, women wear cowboy hats not only to make a fashion statement but also, to protect their face and neck from the scorching heat of the sun while outdoors.

Today, women are teaming up practically all their outfits with a cowboy hat to make a bold statement. Women are flaunting their stunning cowboy hats with practically every outfit right from fashionable dresses to even wedding dresses as per fashion gurus.

Just like wearing cowboy boots, sporting a stunning cowboy hat seems to be a fantastic way of adding a Western flair to your outfit. However, it could be pretty challenging to sift through many options to identify the best women’s straw cowboy hats. Today, cowboy hats come in a host of different styles. Cowboy hats especially, the straw cowboy hats are a fabulous accessory that you may consider adding to your wardrobe. Cowboy hats have become incredibly popular because it is an integral part of the fashion industry, and several Hollywood stars and other celebrities are seen flaunting their stunning cowboy hats on different occasions. You are sure to find these iconic hats in celebrity wardrobes and fashion magazines!

Buying the Best Cowboy Hats

Identifying the best cowboy hat for yourself necessitates more than choosing an attractive hat from a retail outlet. Here are some crucial factors to consider while purchasing a cowboy hat.

Structure & Shape of Your Face

The most important factor to consider while buying the best cowboy hat for yourself is essentially the structure and shape of your face. You should consider trying different styles and examine whether a particular style complements your looks and personality. Does it fit right and enhance your looks? Your hat will draw attention straightaway to your face. Your cowboy hat should accentuate your facial features and make you look attractive. Always opt for a cowboy hat that suits your facial structure and helps to bring the right balance to all your facial features. Your cowboy straw hat should make you look confident and poised and not weird. Let us examine what to choose depending on the unique shape of your face.

Oval: You are lucky to have an oval face. You can smartly pull off cowboy hats with any brim and crown combination. Consider sticking firmly to your personality preference. You may try out a cowboy hat with a higher crown or choose a medium brim hat. You are free to choose whatever pleases you.

Round: Round faces look best when you wear a cowboy hat with a slanted brim and a high crown. Symmetrical shapes are best for countering your symmetrical facial structure. It is, however, a good idea to avoid rounded crowns and wide brims.

Thin & Elongated: If your face looks thin and elongated, it is a good idea to sport a cowboy hat with medium crown height. Your hat should not be too short or too high as that will end up exaggerating your facial length. It is best to wear a medium-height crown hat that will be sitting low on your forehead. It will look just fantastic on your thin and elongated face. Opt for a cowboy hat with a wide, and curved brim for achieving the perfect look!

Square: Strong cheekbones, square jawline, and a wide forehead look great with a wide-brimmed hat. Rounded cowboy hats that have curve brims are just right in countering your strong jawline. Opt for soft-brimmed floppy cowboy hats as a nice contrast to your boxy face shape. It is best to avoid harsh cuts and creases.

Heart: The beautiful heart-shaped face is known to feature wide cheekbones, a pointed chin, and a broad forehead. It is best to opt for a cowboy straw hat with a medium to small brim for balancing out the broad forehead. Avoid choosing hats with large brims because they end up accentuating your already broad forehead.

The Perfect Size

You may choose a cowboy hat that fits you perfectly. Sizing has to be perfect to make a fashion statement. You may get in touch with a professional haymaker or hat retailer for perfect dimensions. Choose a hat that sits comfortably, not loosely, and will not blow away whenever there is a strong gust of wind. Your hat should fit you to perfection and should not be too loose or too tight. If you choose an extremely tight-fitting hat, it will start restricting smooth blood flow and may end up causing slight creases distinctly on your head. Choose a Cowboy hat that is of the perfect size for you and fits best.


Always buy a straw hat after examining the X marking inside that indicates the quality and tightness of woven straws. Remember that in the end, it is best to choose a cowboy hat depending on your personality, lifestyle, and preference.

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