Famisafe: You need it to control all of your children’s activities on the Internet

How to control internet access and avoid its dangers? One of the recommended ways is by using Famisafe app, the best screen time app. But before going further, you need to know the importance of watching your children’s activities on the Internet.

New generations of children are subject to several threats with which parents and guardians have had no contact. In the past, parents’ greatest concern was that their children would talk and interact with strangers in the physical environment. However, the world has developed and, today, the dangers have extended to the internet. As most parents grew up without knowing and taking these risks, many are at a loss about how to approach the topic with their children and teach them how to use the internet, instead of banning the use of technology.

The main dangers of the internet 

For children, the internet is synonymous with entertainment and fun and everything works like real life. If people introduce themselves as their friends, to the child, there is no reason to be suspicious of the contact. It is at this point that parents need to be alert and adopt measures that will protect minors. 

First, you need to sit down and talk to the kids, explaining why the internet is so dangerous. Putting fear in children and trying to prevent access will do no good. A young person who understands the risks he or she takes will be more careful and less curious when establishing online connections. The explanation should be made according to the child’s age. In addition, the smaller the child, the greater the supervision and restriction of use. Then, over the years, supervision may be gradually decreased by parents.

Therefore, parents need a screen time app that will help them to control all their children’s activities on the Internet, ensuring they don’t get bad influence or even dangers from cyberspace. One of the most popular screen time apps is Famisafe, which we will discuss in this article.

Famisafe is a very complete parental control application. It offers many functions to control your children’s online activities. Not only does this app work to track locations and block websites or apps, Famisafe, if used properly, can direct your children to good behavior in interacting with cyberspace.

Following are the main features presented by Famisafe:

– YouTube Monitor 

It cannot be denied that YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform today. Although YouTube has implemented a filter system on every uploaded content, in reality many videos are not suitable for viewing by minors. Famisafe can help you block channels that are not suitable for your children to watch. 

– Browser History 

With Famisafe, you can track your children’s search history for Android. No matter they have deleted it, it can still be traced. This way you can find out whether your children’s activities on YouTube can be tolerated or not. 

– Smart Schedule 

With this feature you can set the screen time for a specific time and geographic range. For example, if the kids are in their room and it’s bedtime, you can set it so that they can’t use their device for browsing. 

– Web Filters 

This feature allows blocking of malicious websites in Chrome and Safari. 

– App Blocker 

This feature can help you block every application that you deem dangerous for your children. 

– Suspicious Photos Detection 

There are always opportunities for online predators to send pornographic images to your children’s devices. Don’t worry because you can always detect whether the photos are saved in their gallery. 

– Geofences 

You can create specific children’s zones with alerts. Suppose your children enter a dangerous location (which you have set up), you will get a warning immediately. 

– Location History 

It features real time tracking. No matter your child is in any location, you can find out the exact location and fast. 

– Screen Time Control 

With this feature you can easily control screen time and app usage. 

How do you use Famisafe? 

First of all you need to download the application. You can download Famisafe on Google Play

, App Store, or Amazon. Then you need to register for your Famisafe account. You can also sign up directly on the official Famisafe website. After signing up, you need to install the application on your device and the target device (your children’s device). Then you can directly manage these devices from the Famisafe dashboard app or web portal. Very easy and simple. With just a few clicks and you will have complete control over your children’s online activities.


Famisafe provides 3 kinds of pricing plans; monthly, annual, and quarterly. 

Monthly: Only $ 9.99 / month. You can control up to 5 different devices. 

Annual: Only $ 35.99 / year. You can control up to 30 different devices. 

Quarterly: Only $ 19.99 / quarterly. You can control up to 10 different devices. 


With Famisafe, you can control all of your kids’ online activities, making sure they stay safe while surfing. You can also prevent your children from going to areas that are dangerous to them. This app is also very affordable. So what are you waiting for? The safety of your children is everything.

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