Find out why RT-PCR tests to be ramped up for early detection in Gurgaon hospitals

In the wake of the new ‘Omicron’ variant of coronavirus, the district administration of Gurgaon is closely observing the developments and has put all the hospitals on alert. As the city sees a good number of foreign nationals coming for their health treatment and other works, it is imperative to screen them along with people returning to the city from abroad.

The health officials seek cooperation from all the travelers arriving at the city. As the Centre has listed ‘at-risk’ countries, it is mandatory for people arriving from these countries to undergo RT-PCR test in Gurgaon upon their arrival. People who are not fully vaccinated have to take the RT-PCR test after seven days of isolation after going through the test on the first day as well.

Working with the guidelines issued by the Centre, the district administration has asked the hospitals and health clinics to ramp up the RT-PCR tests in the city. It will help closely monitor, detect and isolate the carriers and prevent the spread. Taking a sharp learning from the second wave that hit the city badly earlier this year, the devastation that prevailed in the city is still fresh in the minds of citizens and the administration of Gurgaon. To prevent such a situation, everyone is working and planning proactively.

Although Gurgaon became the first city in Haryana to vaccinate 100% population, which is a feat in itself, however, any casual approach or lack of responsibility may prove to be lethal.

Here are 4 reasons why RT-PCR tests need to be ramped up for early detection in Gurgaon hospitals

1. Testing Saves Lives

There is no denying the fact that testing is imperative to any illness. And, testing of everyone for covid-19, if they show symptoms of trouble in breathing, sore throat, common cold, flu, cough, having a loss of smell or taste, or even showing no symptoms at all, is essential. A positive test result makes it clear that you have to isolate yourself immediately and all the ones that have been in touch with you to stop the spread. Early examining the issue will also help get the right treatment on time. Thus, taking more RT-PCT tests is the most effective and the best way to mitigate and eliminate the pandemic.

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2. Genome Sequencing

To understand the viruses, it is crucial to know in-depth information about them. With such a high mutating variant as Omicron, the entire health fraternity is at its toes to research and get hold of its genetic code. With more testing, more samples can undergo genome sequencing and an extensive research process to understand the virus and its variants better. As Gurgaon sees a lot of foreign travelers coming into the city, capturing the carriers of coronavirus as early as possible will help in the research process to tackle the pandemic better.

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3. Community-specific Testing

The speeding-up of RT-PCR tests in Gurgaon hospitals is also important for another factor that is community-specific testing. Gurgaon is a millennium city and host to many renowned companies, hospitals, colleges, and schools. The city attracts people from across the globe. From nuclear families to joint families, diverse medical staff and essential workers live in this lively city. With such diverse communities and distinct groups, getting tested gives a plethora of information that will aid in more research and simultaneously cover major groups of frequent travelers. Thus, it is another factor to ramp up more RT-PCR tests in a city like Gurgaon.

4. Testing for Co-ordinated Strategy

Another important and more psychological aspect of ramping-up testing is a solid strategy. Testing helps but will be more helpful, along with other prevention strategies in place. It is important to note that detecting the virus variant through testing and isolating will be of no use unless the public follows the basic rules of masking-up, social distancing, and keeping hygiene. Ramping up more tests in Gurgaon hospitals and other important areas in the city creates a disciplined and preventable environment that will act as a good strategy to fight better against covid-19.

That said, still, the confusion looms large for the general public about where to get tested and whom to get tested? Any person with a positive test result, undeniably, contains some amount of virus in their body.

People who were in close contact with them, no matter if asymptomatic, should immediately isolate themselves and get tested. Today, there are many renowned diagnostic centers working day and night to speed up covid testing in Gurgaon. For instance, SpiceHealth, one of the fastest-growing diagnostic labs in the country, has been at the forefront of India’s efforts since the pandemic and provides the most affordable test, including the RT-PCR test in Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, and other cities. The company also provide home collection services for utmost convenience and safety along with mobile testing lab and walk-in centers. You can easily book SpiceHealth’s RT-PCR test in Gurgaon online.

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