Five tips to increase sales in your pressure washer business

Pressure machines are in high demand due to their efficiency. If you have a vehicle, regardless of its size and in need of a washer, get yourself one. Pressure washing machines remove any form of dirt dislodged on your vehicle’s surface. Purchase a pressure washer and do away with the dominant dirt.

Are you a pressure car wash machine seller in Kenya and satisfied with the current position of the business? Well, every business seller aspires to gain the maximum possible profit from their business. With the rampant increase in the number of pressure selling machine companies, one has to devise methods to ensure smooth survival in the market industry. This article highlights the top five ways to boost your pressure car wash selling business.

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 Introduce the e-commerce strategy

It entails purposefully expanding your business to the online platform in order to reach potential customers all over the world.To achieve sales promotion via the internet, create a website for your firm and get an experienced SEO writer to deliver quality content regarding your enterprise. Let the writer include an attractive product review on the blog.

Improve your community participation habits

Participating in community activities will definitely earn you a good reputation, hence popularity. A good example is supporting sports activities. Financial constraints may hinder one from community participation. However, teaming up with several other people that are willing to help in community participation will ease the financial problems.

Know the type of competition.

Is it generic or enterprise? Regarding the water pump selling industry, the type of competition is generic since there are various types of pressure pumps, all used for a similar purpose. Therefore, know your competitors’ tips, the nature of the product, its limitations, and pros. Having knowledge of their marketing strategies will make you flexible to changes and ready to defend your market in the event of a defamatory statement about your pressure machines.

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You should be aware of the current market price.

Being naive regarding the selling price will often lead to overcharging or undercharging. Having knowledge of the pressure washer price in Kenya will help you fix your own price that is relatively lower than your competitors. Not all the time will lowering the price be favourable. In such a case, improve the terms and conditions of the product, such as increasing the warranty period.

Have limits

You must be able to tell when it is time to leave the company. As a pressure washer machine seller, you may have different types of machines. Slow moving stock on a particular type of machine may be a problem. In such a case, stop ordering slow-moving machines and order the fast-moving ones.

Consider location.

Your car washing machines may be competitive, but the location of your firm matters. Place your company in a convenient and easy-to-find location for potential customers. Ensure the location has many potential customers.

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Use resellers and retail outlets.

In the case of slow-moving stock, use resellers whose location has a good supply of customers. Alternatively, retail outlets located in various regions of the country will help you deal with slow-moving stock.


Considering the above tips, you will realize that an increase in sales involves additional costs to convince customers. However, in the long run, you will have plenty of customers, meaning the profits will outsmart the additional costs invested to increase sales. Therefore, you have to be patient and resilient.

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