Four Outdoor Sports You Need To Know.

Most people associate extreme sports with mountains, rapids, and canyons, but those practiced in nature are not the only ones. Some extreme urban sports are already so common in our daily lives that we forget about them. The fact that they are held in the city makes access easier for enthusiasts and encourages sports practice.

This post will get to know 4 of these extreme sports and show that it is not necessary to leave the city to have a little adrenaline.

1. Airsoft

Airsoft is a sport that is growing in Brazil. It simulates military and police operations, either indoors or outdoors. The weapons used are a sniper, and the ammunition is a plastic projectile. However, despite the material, they can cause injuries. Therefore, it is essential to use protective equipment, such as vests, goggles, a helmet, and tactical boots.

As in any combat sport, there are some rules; for example, it is forbidden to shoot without aiming and shooting without being visible to the competitor. When you are shot, you must notify that you have been hit since the bullets have no paint, as in paintball.

2. Parkour

Parkour emerged in France and sought autonomy of body and mind. The goal is to move from one place to another quickly. The practitioners use different corners of the cities to work strength, agility, balance, space, precision, and creativity. They climb walls, jump stairs, and spans.

For using urban spaces and being little known, initially, the sport was confused with vandalism. Over time, especially after appearing in clips of famous artists, people started to recognize, and some even became new fans.

3.  Skate

Skate appeared in California as an adaptation of surfing. It is a democratic sport, which both children and the elderly can practice. It is considered radical for its maneuvers. The more experienced, the greater the degree of difficulty.

It is necessary to choose a skateboard and safety equipment, such as a helmet and knee pads, to start practicing. Skateboarding can be practiced in squares, parks, and tracks, with ramps, handrails, and other maneuvers. It is better option for you to visit this site

4. Abseiling

When thinking about rappelling, we immediately imagine a waterfall or wall. What many people do not know is that it can also be practiced within cities! In urban centers, it is done on bridges, viaducts, abandoned buildings, and artificial walls.

There are several options for extreme urban sports for adrenaline lovers who cannot or do not want to leave the city. Not only does nature live extreme sports, but also in the stone jungle. The important thing is to choose one that suits you.

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