Free Spins Slots vs Slots with Multiplier

A good strategy of playing slots requires a good knowledge of the games available from numerous casino sites to play in Canada. Then, you will be able to choose a game that suits your bankroll and playing style the most. However, when you set out to choose a game it wouldn’t be too surprising if you felt lost.

There are enough different slots to make your head spin. We hope to narrow down your search by describing and comparing 2 types of slots: free spins games and slots with a multiplier. Both of these categories are massively popular and tend to be more well-balanced than other types.

Pros and cons of playing free spins slots 

Free spins are a feature bonus game in slots. To access free spins, the player has to land 3 scatters anywhere on the reels in most games (in some games the scatters need to be in a payline). Any amount of scatters above 3 will normally yield an instant cash win or more free spins.

An average amount of free spins the player can expect is more or less 10 – 15, if you land 3 scatters. This can vary between games. Obviously, the biggest advantage here is being able to sit back and watch some spins in the bonus round without spending your money.

The value of free spins is equal to your bet which triggered the bonus round. 

  • Free spins can be very effective. It is common for bonus rounds to yield £10 – £150 worth of winnings, depending on the size of your bet. Bigger wins occur too.
  • Free spins can often be re-triggered if you land 3 or more scatters once again during the bonus round.
  • Slots that have the free spins feature often have a lot of other perks, like wild (substituting) symbols, jackpots, progressive jackpots, avalanche/tumbling reels and more. 


  • Slots with the free spins feature tend to be highly volatile and might impose long series of low-paying or zero return spins. Highly volatile slots are also known to yield extra large wins more seldom.  

Slots with Multiplier 

Multipliers are pretty straightforward – they multiply the value of your wins. If the multiplier feature is triggered, the player can expect anywhere from x2, x5, x10 to x100 or x1000 your win, depending on the game.

There are lots of different kinds of multipliers that could impact the game differently. Some games offer multiplier re-spins, where a single win will give you a free re-spin with an added multiplier. Other games might attach the multiplier to specific winning symbols or wild symbols. Then, there are games that only have a multiplier in the bonus round, but not the base game. You can also visit this to play the best slot games.

  • Multipliers in slots can dramatically impact your winnings! Even a low-value win can become significant if the multiplier feature is triggered or present throughout the game.
  • The range of different kinds of multipliers in slots means there will be a game to suit everyone. The best games tend to have some kind of multipliers in the base game, and not only in the bonus round which can be difficult to land.
  • Multipliers tend to yield more instantaneous wins than slots with free spins.

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