Getting Pregnant During The Pandemic: 5 Important Things To Know


The coronavirus pandemic has created fear, and getting pregnant makes the situation nerve-wracking. It’s too early and hard to say how coronavirus can affect pregnant women. However, there are certain things that women should be aware of the risk of getting pregnant during the pandemic.

In this article, you will know five important things about getting pregnant during this pandemic. Consulting an experienced Gynecologist in Dubai can help you understand your situation more effectively. However, go through this article till the end to know about a few important things about pregnancy and COVID-19.

Things to Consider Before Getting Pregnant During the Pandemic

Nobody wants to visit hospitals after the coronavirus outbreak with the fear of getting affected. However, what to do in case of pregnancy during the pandemic. Here is what some healthcare experts say about pregnancy and COVID-19.

1) Should Pregnant Women Take Extra Precautions for COVID-19?

There is no certain risk that pregnant women are susceptible to get infected by a coronavirus. However, pregnant women should be more careful and take extra precautions to stay away from getting infected by COVID-19.

Therefore, they should wash their hands frequently with handwash and warm water. They should be careful and not touch their nose, face, or mouth. Women who are pregnant should not go outside unless and until it’s necessary or an emergency.

When they go outside, they must maintain at least six feet of social distance from everyone. They must wear good-quality protective masks and keep themselves protected from any infections.

2) Are There Risks of Transmitting the Virus from Mom to Infant?

Till now, there is no clear information about the transmission of COVID-19 to an unborn baby. However, the transmission is possible after birth if the baby gets exposure to the virus from the COVID-19 positive caregiver or mother.

Early observations show that newborn babies are less susceptible to show any symptoms of infection. However, it cannot be said that newborns won’t get infected because there is not much information to draw any conclusion.

Since there is not much research and evidence, it’s advisable to take all the preventive measures for the newborns from exposure. Family members should ensure that they don’t touch the baby if they are infected.

3) Are Symptoms Different in Pregnant Women?

A small study shows that some pregnant women have not shown any symptoms, but they tested positive for the coronavirus. However, it doesn’t mean that pregnant women will not show any symptoms of coronavirus even if they are infected.

It’s just that people who unknowingly get infected and have higher immunity systems don’t show any symptoms irrespective of whether they are pregnant or not. That means general people and males who have tested positive also don’t have any symptoms of COVID-19.

4) What to Do If You’re Pregnant and Think You Have COVID-19?

If you are pregnant and think you are infected because you were exposed to the coronavirus, you should consult your doctor. If you have any symptoms such as cough, fever, or other symptoms of COVID-19, you should immediately call your doctor.

If you have symptoms of breathing problems, shortness of breathing, pain, and pressure in the chest, with fever, you should get tested. If you diagnose positive, don’t panic; follow the doctor’s advice and all the preventive guidelines of COVID-19.

Getting pregnant in general is never an easy thing, so we can imagine how tough it is during a pandemic. Not to mention the fact that most women are gaining weight because they have to be inside for longer periods of time. If you have already had your baby and are looking for ways to get your figure back, then a hidden postpartum corset might be just what you are looking for. You can put it on under your clothes and no one will even know. It’s also great for women recovering from a c-section.   

5) Should Pregnant Women Change Their Diet During the Pandemic?

Food products that are maintained at low temperatures and frozen are less likely to spread the virus. There is no evidence of the spreading of the virus from any specific food or drinks.

Therefore, there is no particular diet for pregnant women. However, they should ensure that they consume healthy and hygienic food and get sufficient minerals and nutrients from their diet.

Final Words

These are some important things that moms need to keep in mind before getting pregnant during the pandemic. Additionally, it’s better to talk to your doctor about pregnancy and COVID-19. If you are experiencing any symptoms, you shouldn’t panic and take preventive measures by consulting your doctor.

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