Gold Vs Silver – Which Is a Better Investment for You

The domain of investment has a pretty soft corner for gold and other valuable metals. For eternity the world spun itself into a novel crisis, these metals acted as a safety net, mainly gold. Want to work with the most reputable gold buyer in Faridabad, then we are the best place to count on.

Nearly 3 decades ago, when India had arguably undergone its biggest financial crisis, gold baled the nation out of it. In 2008, while the Lehman crisis hit the word significantly, once more, these metals saved the economic systems from disintegrating.

At the moment, since the world finds itself among an economic slowdown caused by the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, we find ourselves turning to valuable metals.

What to Choose Between Gold and Silver?

In the past, both gold and silver have been utilized as great hedging tools in the façade of black swan events, currency devaluation, and market crashes. Actually, they are viewed as a useful inflationary tool, too.

However, similar to a majority of assets, both gold and silver have their boom and bust phases. No matter what the time period is, it’s vital to keep in mind these points when considering investing in either gold or silver.


Liquidity gauges the ease with which an asset can exchange hands without putting influence on the marketplaces intensely.

The supply markets of both gold and silver are valued at about 24.5 trillion (Gold) and 4.4 trillion (silver). This shows gold has about 6 times more liquidity compared to silver. The massive ask for both the valuable metals has guaranteed an abundance of liquidity in the marketplace.


In the past, silver has proved to be more volatile compared to gold. Since the demand for silver is high, the supply at present stands around 1 billion ounces according to stats that are there in media reports.

Apart from this, a majority of the demand is from industries, indicating that the demand for silver varies on the basis of company’s operations. Also, it is typically recurrent in nature.

Therefore, having a continuous tug on the demand-supply chain, small discrepancies put a great impact on silver prices significantly.

Surprisingly, silver that, at the moment, trades at 60250 Rupees crossed an all-time high of 74000 Rupees/Kg a decade ago according to the data in the media reports. This can one more time make silver both a great lucrative commodity and a risky asset.

While comparing silver with gold, we came across that gold has sustained more outstanding steadiness than it has.


In addition to the jewelry industry, the scale where both silver and gold are used in numerous industries is incredible.

Gold is a useful conductor, thus greatly valuable to the electronics, conductor, and thermal businesses. Not to mention, the level to which gold is appreciated in the country, mainly at the time of weddings and special events.

Silver is widely employed in the electronics, medicine, automobile, thermal, and many other manufacturing sectors.  Almost 60 percent of all silver mined is used in manufacturing production. However, owing to the same reason, since an economy is degraded, this metal takes a serious hit.

Accumulation and Affordability

In nature, compared to gold, silver is more affordable. One half of an ounce of yellow metal can today buy more than 1 kilogram of silver. At the moment, the gold to silver ratio is 120:1 which is the highest in 5000 years, especially since the eruption of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The banking institutes and central government maintain their individual gold reserves. Governments can barely assure silver and will find themselves confused if gold slips on the indices.

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Personal Preference

Both silver and gold are viewed as safe haven for investments. Due to this, they find their positions in a majority of portfolios, no matter what the timeline and financial situations.

As there are contemporary instruments such as Gold ETFs and gold mini futures, a novel field of metal business has started. As the government’s initiatives like gold exchanges and mandatory gold hallmarking are centered on gold, silver isn’t far off.

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