Hair Extensions: All You Must Know

The decision to get a hair extension is not an easy one. It is a decision made after a lot of contemplation. It is that little secret that needs to remain with the user. And for that, buying a hair extension of great quality that matches a person’s natural hair colour is crucial. But with many brands in and around Melbourne, it is often difficult to find the best one.

But this article is here to help those interested in getting the best hair extensions in Melbourne. It talks about hair extensions, their popularity, and things to avoid to choose the best hair extension.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are extensions made from natural hair or artificial hair to increase the length of one’s hair naturally. It is used by women all over the world to make their hair appear voluminous and thus enhance their overall look.

There are mainly three types of hair extensions, temporary, permanent, and semi-permanent. Temporary ones are clip-on that can be attached to hair by clips. Semi-permanent extensions are those that last for around eight weeks, and permanent ones last for long since each strand is attached separately.

This article primarily focuses on permanent and semi-permanent hair extensions.

Why Are They So Popular?

Australia’s beauty industry is booming and is aiming to reach $6.7 billion by 2025. And the hair extension industry does have a role in this. If one is interested to understand, then the answer is simple.

Which woman doesn’t like long, thick tresses that can cover their entire back?! Long hair has never gone out of vogue.

Another reason for this fascination with hair extensions is their ability to cover up a bad haircut or even receding hair. According to a recent survey, the hair extension market is flourishing and is going to reach around $7 billion by 2028.

The fact that celebrities like Ariane Grande and Nicki Minaj use hair extensions has an indirect role in this sudden surge in the hair extension market.

Things to Avoid to Get the Best Hair Extensions in Melbourne

It is not enough to just get hair extensions; there are some things one needs to beware of before setting out to buy the best hair extensions Melbourne has to offer.

Choosing low-quality hair extensions: Hair extensions are an investment, and thus, it is not wise to compromise over quality to save some bucks.

Hair is an important physical feature and needs to be handled with care. It is not wrong to say that hair extensions can make or break you. Always choose extensions of high quality and finish even though they are much costlier than low-quality ones.

Choosing the wrong colour: Nobody wants to spend a fortune and end up looking like they have fake hair. The whole idea is just the opposite. So always make sure that the hair or fibre used matches with the original hair.

The whole point is to make the hair appear naturally thick and voluminous.

Attaching longer strands to smaller sections: Each hair strand gets attached to natural hair to give that natural look. But this can go wrong if longer and hence heavier strands are attached to Shorter or thinner strands of original hair.

Making this mistake can adversely affect the quality of natural hair and would lead to splitting.

Choosing colours that don’t blend: While there are no hard and fast rules that insist that those getting hair extensions should choose only colours that exactly match their natural hair, it is still essential to choose colours that blend well.

While everyone wants to turn heads towards them in awe, nobody wants people to look at them sympathetically for the mess that they have done to their hair.

Getting extensions with active hair fall: hair extensions do elongate and volumise hair, but this trick won’t work if the person has an active hair fall. Each strand is attached to a natural strand. Considering this fact, getting hair extensions with hair fall burns holes in one’s pockets and also increases hair fall.

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