Hemp Seed Oil vs. CBD: What’s the Difference?

Hemp seed oil and CBD are two popular natural products that many people use to help with various medical conditions. However, there is quite a lot of misinformation about the difference between hemp seed oil and CBD. In this blog post, we will discuss the differences in these two compounds, what they are used for, how to tell them apart from one another, and which one might be more appropriate for you based on your needs!

1. What is hemp seed oil and CBD?

Hemp seed oil is a plant-based oil derived from the seeds of a hemp plant, known botanically as Cannabis Sativa.

CBD oil is: an extract of marijuana leaves and flowers or CBD isolate, which comes in many different forms, including tinctures, capsules, liquids, oils, etc.

2. How are they different from one another?

Hemp Seed Oil is typically a blend of hemp seed oil and carrier oils like coconut or olive. It doesn’t contain any CBD. Hemp seeds are more nutritious than the cannabis plant, including about 30% healthy fat content (Omega-s). The other 70%, however, is polyunsaturated fats which oxidize quickly when exposed to oxygen, heat, or light.

Hemp seed oil is used for many different purposes, including hair growth prevention, skincare and eczema relief, etc. When you buy hempseed oil in a store, you may notice that it’s not as inexpensive as CBD tinctures or capsules, which are usually cheaper because they contain less plant material like stalks, stems, and leaves.

CBD oil is typically made from a pure CBD isolate or cannabis leaf extract. CBD has become very popular in recent years for its various purported benefits, such as help with acne, anxiety reduction, inflammatory issues, etc. You can buy Delta THC from

3. When to use each product

Many beauty experts will say their products are “ 100% CBD” but contain hemp oil, a plant-based oil. They are lying to you, and it’s important to know the difference between hemp oil and CBD.

Hemp seed oil is appropriate for moisturizing, cooking, and hair growth; whereas

A lot of people tend to use a combination of both products because they work in different ways. You can find information about dosage on each.

HOWEVER, if CBD is your priority, make sure what you buy says it has pure CBD isolate or cannabis leaf extract.

CBD oil will help with many different ailments such as anxiety, inflammation, acne, etc.

4. Which products might be more appropriate for you based on your needs

When it comes to skincare, CBD is your best option. Hemp seed oil can clog pores and cause acne breakouts in some people, which CBD will not do.

CBD is also great for inflammatory issues, while hemp seed oil does nothing to help with inflammation whatsoever.

You can use hemp seed oil for cooking, while CBD oil is not good to cook with.

So watch out for fake  “100% CBD” products that include hemp oil, and make sure you buy pure, high-quality CBD when looking for beauty products.

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In summary, hemp seed oil and CBD are two different types of products. Hemp seed oil is typically used as a dietary supplement for cooking or topical application like lotion, while CBD is often consumed orally in tinctures or edibles. They both have health benefits but may be more appropriate for you based on your needs. For example, if you suffer from inflammation or acne, then it’s likely that CBD would be a better fit than hemp oil because it can help heal the skin.

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