Honda Pilot Vs Ford Explorer

As the new Honda Pilot launches into the market, it’s good to do a comparison between it and the other major player in the automobile market, the Ford Explorer, to see which one is better across various aspects such as dimensions, safety, and of course, the most important: price.


As this is a vital factor in coming to a conclusion, let’s have a look at it first. There is no point in knowing the specs and other gadgets and features the SUV has to offer if it’s outside your budget.
The Ford Explorer is more expensive than the Honda Pilot by $1,115. While it may not seem like a major difference, this comparison is between the basic models. If you go higher up the trims, the difference becomes more pronounced.

Winner: Honda Pilot, as it is cheaper but still offers the same features


The Honda Pilot length is 194.5 inches, width is 78.6 inches and height is 68.9 inches. The Ford Explorer’s length is 198 inches, width is 78.9 inches and height is 70.9 inches. Although the difference in dimensions is not extreme, it matters when it comes to cargo space. The Honda Pilot has 83.9 cubic feet while the Explorer offers 87.8 cubic feet, making the Ford Explorer more roomy and comfortable seating towards the rear of the car or more space to carry loads.

Winner: Ford Explorer, as it offers more space than Ford Explorer.


While the Ford Explorer may be bigger, it is a seven-seater. On the other hand, Honda Pilot is an eight-seater as the third-row seat can be converted to three seats as opposed to two seats in the Explorer. Also, the overall feel of the Honda Pilot is more lux than that of its counterpart, especially when comparing both the basic model side to side.

Winner: Honda Pilot, as it can seat more people and has an expensive feel for a lower price point.


Both cars have advanced options for their infotainments. The USB ports, Bluetooth connection, Apple Car Play, Android Auto along with touch screen features are all included.
However, Ford Explorer’s touch screen is not as sensitive as the Honda Pilot and can be a bit difficult to navigate through.

Winner: Honda Pilot by a slight margin for having an easy to use infotainment.

The Drive

Both the cars are easy to drive and handle even on the highway. They both absorb shocks and bumps on the road, giving the families a smooth and quiet ride.
However, when compared against each other, The Ford Explorer tends to be a bit harder to handle due to its heavier weight and bigger size. While Honda Pilot provides trouble-free handling and even ride.

Winner: Honda Pilot for a comfortable ride.

Safety Features

It is always important to look into the safety features of each vehicle you are considering. Accidents happen all the time and it is better to always opt for a car that will keep you the safest.
Both cars have the top safety features included in the industry. From rearview camera, forward collision warning – a feature that lets you know if you are getting too close to the vehicle in front. They both also have a lane-keeping assist – that lets you know if you are deviating from your lane,
Both the Honda Pilot and the Ford Explorer earned five stars at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and a ‘Good’ at various tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Winner: Draw, as both of the SUVs have advance safety features that surpass the industry standard.


Out of the six categories we looked into. Honda Pilot won four rounds – price, interior, infotainment, and the drive. While Ford Explorer won one round – the size and they both came to a draw for safety features. So, the overall winner is definitely the Honda Pilot.

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