How Can I Get Good Marks in Class 6 English Exam?

English is a common and compulsory subject for all students at least till Class 12. Every year students learn about various new literature and grammar topics as a part of their syllabus. However, while English is the second most spoken language in our country, many students are not able to achieve well in it as a subject. 

Students who are fond of the subject are aware of the various aspects that are a part of it and can be improved through more motivation for learning about the language. Achieving fluency in a language requires students to be more involved in regular writing and speaking practice. Similarly, to improve in English as a language and as a subject, you need to try using it as a means of communication more often. 

Class 6 is the beginning of many new basic concepts that will be needed in the higher classes ahead. Hence, in order to achieve good marks in your class 6 English exam, you need to have a good understanding of these basic fundamental concepts.

Here are a few tips that can help you build your basics well before your exam and score well in your Class 6 English exam:

  • Be aware of the syllabus
    Before you start your preparation for the English exam, you need to make sure that you have the latest syllabus with you. Changes are often made in the syllabus by CBSE and not being aware of them can lead to a waste of time and energy on your part. So, make sure you have everything updated and you begin your preparation accordingly.
  • Know the formats
    The format of the English exam includes four sections: Reading Comprehension, Writing Skills, Grammar, and Literature. In the writing section, tasks like informal and formal letters, paragraph writing, etc. are included and these have a particular format that you need to follow or you will lose marks. Make sure you know these formats and practice them enough to not forget them during your exam.
  • Improve your writing skills
    The writing tasks in your exams usually consist of 5-10 marks each. You can achieve full marks in these questions very easily but only if you practice. After knowing the proper formats, you should know what the main content is. While you are attempting the writing section, you need to be spontaneous and creative. Practice writing letters and paragraphs on different topics to help you improve the skills required for writing material that is worth the marks with no grammar or vocabulary errors.
    • Enhance your vocabulary and grammar
      The main building blocks of a language are vocabulary and grammar. One cannot form a proper and correct sentence without having a good knowledge of these two. Students lose a lot of marks due to poor vocabulary and grammar skills. Through regular reading and writing, students can improve these skills and learn about various grammar rules.
  • Read and make notes
    During your preparation, make sure you read all the chapters that are part of your syllabus. Ensure that you are thorough with every important detail in them as questions in your literature section are based on them and you may lose marks if you are not aware of them. Avoid reading summaries because they will provide insufficient information.
  • Revise
    This is the most important part of the preparation before your exam. You must ensure that you revise everything since it can help you enhance your understanding of all topics, improve your memory regarding little details like names of the characters, poets or authors of the chapters, etc. Revising also ensures that you have not missed studying any topic from the syllabus.
  • Solve NCERT Questions
    NCERT provides students with in-text and other extra questions for each chapter. These exercises and questions are meant to increase your understanding of things that are being talked about in the chapters. Solving these questions is also important since the majority of questions in your paper will be directly or indirectly based upon them. Refer to ncert books class 6 english honeysuckle solutions in case of difficulty answering them.
  • Solve sample papers
    Question papers from previous years, practice papers, mock tests, or sample papers are all resources meant to help you during your preparation. Attempting them will not only help with writing and grammar practice but also help in regular revision. Through your performance in these, you can figure out the weak areas that you need to work on before your exams begin. These question papers will also provide you with an idea of the type of questions and the questions are often repeated in the exams.
  • Take expert help
    It is okay to make mistakes however, it is not okay to avoid rectifying them. There may always be certain topics that you may not understand in the first few attempts and end up making mistakes in them. At such moments, take help from your teachers, family members, or peers who may have a good grip on the subject. Use their help to understand the topics that may seem difficult and to rectify mistakes that you make often. This is a very useful tip to avoid losing any marks.
  • Focus on the scoring sections
    Out of the four sections in your class 6 English exam, Reading comprehension is the one where you score the maximum marks very easily. All you need to make sure is that you read the provided unseen passages thoroughly, understand each question well, and then answer them according to your understanding of the passage.
  • Avoid last-moment study
    Students are advised to avoid studying any new topics or chapters one day before or on the day of the exam. This will affect your entire preparation and have no benefits as there may be very little that you can remember from the newly studied topics.

In order to score good marks in any subject, it is important to regularly study and practice everything. Although, ensure that you do not compromise getting rest and some physical activity daily.

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