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How Clean is Your Bed? Study Reveals One in Three Wash Sheets Just Once in a Year

Bed sheets are one of the important parts of our bedroom. It not only makes your bed look good but also has a large contribution in making you comfortable. A dirty bed sheet can make you feel gross while a neat and clean bed sheet can give you comfort and relaxing sleep.

Usually, we think that our home is the cleanest place. However, the reality is something different and here, we are going to discuss the matter in detail.

An examination into neatness propensities has tracked down 33% of people are washing their bedsheets just once every year. 13 percent of people admitted that they sleep on stained pillows and beds.

In a review directed by Hammonds Furniture, about a third of the 2,000 members confessed to washing their bedding like clockwork or less. Specialists are cautioning the propensity could prompt residue vermin, bloodsuckers, parasitic diseases, and skin aggravation.

Following the discoveries remarked on the significance of keeping garments clean and encouraged individuals to wash their bed covers once per week for ideal neatness.

We are here to discuss the problems you can have with dirty bed sheets.

1. Bed bugs – This is the most generic problem related to dirty beds. A dirty bed is an ideal home for bed bugs. Bed bugs are tiny creatures that suck your blood when you sleep on the bed. It usually can locate you with the smell and warmth of the blood and disturbs you at the most important sleeping time. Their bite is usually not harmful, but it can ruin your sleep and resting time easily.

Something to be careful about is that their bites leave itchy red marks on the skin. If you want to solve all these problems you just have to do one thing and that is to clean your bed and bed sheets regularly. Bed bugs don’t really like clean places for staying, so if you clean your bed regularly, bed bugs will surely be at bay from your home.

2. Skin infections – Dirt and pollution is the biggest reason for all skin problems. Harmful bacteria can thrive better in dirty places and cause skin infections. Research has already proved that the dirt and bacteria on the bedsheet and pillowcase can cause skin disease.

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3. So, if you want to avoid infections, then you should wash your bedsheets twice or at least once per week. Otherwise, it can be home to multiple bacteria, fungus, and parasites. So, it is no surprise that research showed those who use dirty bed sheets suffer more from skin problems like fungal infections and acne.

These are the few problems that come with dirty bed sheets. So, remember to wash your bedsheets regularly or at least once a week to avoid any hazards. Clean bed sheets will make your bed and bedroom look better.

A better-looking and better-smelling bed can influence your mood and help you to relax better, which is impossible with a dirty once-in-a-year washed bed sheet. Moreover, it will help you to stay away from different types of skin infections. So, if you want to stay clean and healthy, then make sure to clean your bedsheets on time.

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