How Depression Affects Appetite | Food Traps That You Need Avoid During Depression

If you are dealing with depression, then you must notice that your appetite has changed dramatically. Either you eat a lot, or you don’t eat at all. This affects your body and mind too. That is because you need food and nutrients for body and brain functions. So, you have to eat well no matter how much depressed you are. If your situation is worst, you can take advice from MAOI or from a well-known doctor.

How Depression Affects Appetite?

One of the most common symptoms of depression is appetite change. Yes, people who are depressed experience an appetite change. Some people lose their appetite and don’t feel like eating at all. On the other hand, some people eat a lot and gain a lot of weight. This affects a person’s health.

Besides, many people go through eating lots of bad stuff that are not healthy at all. Some eat lots of junk food that has lots of sugar and other bad ingredients. Now, appetite change mostly happens with older people in depression and on those who lose interest in cooking or have low energy.

Depression Food Traps

To stay healthy during the depression, one must avoid these food traps:

Eating Food for Comfort

People with depression often eat food for comfort, not for health. It is a bad situation that can seriously harm your health. During the depression, people choose to eat those foods that are filled with lots of sugar and artificial sweeteners. At the same time, they also eat foods that only satisfy their stomach and don’t do any good to their body. Now, this thing should be avoided, and people must consume those foods that will help that person to get rid of depression along with doing well to the body and mind.

Eating Too Little

Many people also lose their appetite and don’t find it like eating at all. It is a bad thing as well. That is because our body needs food for energy. And, if we don’t eat enough food, then our body won’t find the sufficient energy and nutrients that it needs. At the same time, you will lose a good amount of weight that is not good for your health too. So, you must eat as much as you need and those foods that are good for you.

Eating What Is Available

People, while depressed, often eat what is available around him or them. It can be because of the low energy they have or because they don’t find interest in cooking or eating good foods. This way, people find foods that can end their hunger but don’t give them the proper nutrients that they need for their good health and mind.

How to Avoid Food Traps?

Follow these ideas to avoid food traps:

Calm Your Senses

You have to find a way to calm your senses and focus your body on other things rather than eating. You start doing activities like taking a bath, walk, and other stuff that will help you to divert your mind.

Have a Good Diet

Eating those sorts of foods that don’t contain enough nutrients will make your depression worst. So, you need to have a diet that will help you to get enough nutrients like vegetables, fruits, whole grain, etc.

Boost Your Energy

You must always do those activities that give you energy all the time. Now, a boost of energy will help you to avoid food traps. This way, you won’t be able to eat more than what you needed for your body.


Depression has a great impact on appetite. So, you must always eat what is best for you during dealing with depression.

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