How do I know if my Dyson battery needs replacing?

Have you noticed that your Dyson has been behaving strangely lately? Most of the time, the battery is the source of the problem. Throughout this post, we’ll go through all of the factors that might lead to the battery acting oddly. Dysons goods, particularly its vacuum cleaners, are often regarded as the finest and most successful on the market, yet even the greatest may fall short from time to time.

We completely agree that there are certain disadvantages to owning a Dyson, but they are insignificant when weighed against the benefits. Nonetheless, Dyson is the product of choice for thousands of families and it will continue to be so. We will make every effort to cover all of the bases and help you during the course of this post. Put an end to the waffling and get down to business with identifying and correcting the issue.

What You’ll Need

  • A Dyson new genuine Dyson Battery
  • Gloves for protection
  • Dyson vacuum
  • A set of tools

The time that is required

In order to adequately evaluate and address the issue with the battery, you will need around 10-20 minutes. This comprises the disassembly, replacement, and reassembly of the vacuum cleaner unit. Because we will be assisting you through the whole procedure, it should not be a burden for you.

How do I know if my Dyson battery needs replacing?

The battery life of every Dyson vacuum model that utilises a battery is indicated by 12 LED lights that light up/flash in various colours to indicate the battery’s condition. Whether you have examined the user handbook for your Dyson, you should be able to find a detailed explanation of just what each lighting up/flashing symbol indicates. Also included below are simple explanations of what the LED lights indicate for individuals who do not like reading user manuals.

While the battery is charging

  • A solid blue light indicates that the vacuum is properly charging and that there are no problems.
  • When you see a flashing blue light, it means that the vacuum is not charging correctly and that you should reinstall the charger or try an alternative socket. When it does not go away on its own, you will want expert assistance.
  • The lights go off, indicating that charging is complete.
  • The vacuum is not charging if the light is solid yellow.

When it is in use

  • Solid blue light indicates that the vacuum is operational and that there are no problems.
  • A flashing blue light indicates that the vacuum doesn’t even have enough power and must be recharged.
  • A flashing yellow light indicates that the vacuum does not even have power or that there is a transient malfunction.
  • The solid yellow light indicates that the vacuum is not charging or that there is a transient malfunction.
  • A flashing red light indicates that there is a major problem with the battery and that it should be repaired by a professional.

The flashing red light might be seen as a warning indicator, signalling that there is something drastically wrong with the battery’s performance. The severity of the issue may be determined by how many of the 12 LED lights are flashing at the same time; if all 12 LED lights are flashing at the same time, the battery is in serious trouble.

How long does a Dyson battery last before it has to be recharged or replaced?

Dyson vacuums are powered by high-grade Lithium-ion batteries, which are both lightweight and powerful at the same time. No matter how excellent a battery is, it will eventually deteriorate due to the fact that batteries have a limited lifespan. A Dyson battery should provide roughly 2 years of service if it is used with care.

When should I let my Dyson charge for the first time?

One of the most common myths about batteries is that allowing a battery to charge for an extended period of time would cause it to malfunction or fail. However, in the case of Dyson vacuums, the smart charger would cease receiving power after the battery has been completely recharged, which is partially correct. This implies that you may leave the vacuum running all of the time if you like.

What if the batteries don’t meet the requirements of the warranty?

In addition to the batteries, the Dyson vacuum cleaner is covered by a limited 2-year guarantee that covers all elements of the vacuum cleaner. If your computer is still under warranty, changing the battery is a simple and cost-free procedure that may be performed.

Is it possible to use a third-party battery in a Dyson vacuum?

There are a plethora of imitation batteries available that seem to be compatible with a Dyson vacuum but are not. In addition to ripping you off financially, third-party batteries may cause your vacuum to perform erratically as well. Because of this, it is not suggested to use a different brand of battery in a Dyson vacuum.

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