How do you defeat General Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring with relative ease

Despite the fact that Elden Ring Elden Ring runes is one of the game’s most difficult bosses, the Radahn battle in Elden Ring is arguably one of its most mechanically simple. In spite of the Radahn nerf, this horseback encounter is a high-stakes test of patience and manoeuvrability on the part of all parties involved.

Almost every move in Radahn’s arsenal can squish you in a single hit, with no chance for recovery or questioning. Most of the attacks that you do manage to survive are followed by another attack that sends you right back to where you started. The boss fight is relatively passive, which means you’ll have to maintain your concentration throughout the entire battle, regardless of how long it lasts.

When should I take on General Radahn in Elden Ring, and how should I prepare?
In particular, defeating Radahn can be particularly difficult for melee characters, as you must abandon almost every strategy you’ve developed throughout Elden Ring so far in order to use some of his methods.

  • Despite the fact that Radahn is only the fourth main boss in Elden Ring, there is a significant difference in power between him and Godick and Rennala
  • If you want to avoid coming up against a solid brick wall, we recommend being between levels 60 and 75 and wielding the most powerful weapon you have available
  • However, it is possible that you will not use Elden Ring Runes XBOX for sale much
  • Radahn is extremely difficult to melee without a significantly upgraded weapon and significant stat investment – but if you don’t have the necessary equipment, there are cheese methods to use
  • There are a few options, including using a bow and arrows or magic on horseback while Radahn is distracted, or literally hiding until your allies can take Radahn down; more on that later

Where has General Radahn disappeared to in Elden Ring?

First, you must complete the Caria Manor in the northwest of Liurnia of the Lakes in order to reach General Radahn on the other side of Redmane Castle, which is located on the other side of Redmane Castle.
At the summit, you can travel to Ranni’s Rise and begin a new questline with her, provided you have defeated Royal Knight Loretta first.
She will direct you to the lost city of Nokron, where you will meet up with your old friend Blaidd, a Welsh wolf.
To find him, take the elevator east of the Mistwood Ruins, which is located in the eastern part of Lingrave.
You will eventually come across a stone structure on your right after you have descended and moved forward through this area. Blaidd will be on a cliff overlooking the area, as shown on the map screen above.
He will tell you to return to Selvus, who has his own tower to the southeast of Ranni’s, and speak with him about your situation.
Discuss your concerns with him, then deliver the Elden Ring item he gives you to the sorcerer at the Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave.

Retire to Blaidd’s underground lair and then travel to the southeast of Caelid, more specifically to the Impassable Greatbridge Site of Grace. To get into the courtyard, enter through the portal to the left of the bridge and follow the path to the right.
Speak with the crier who is perched high on the wall in front of you, then wait for the cutscene to play before taking the lift out the rear of the building behind him. There’s a final teleporter here that will take you into the boss fight with the final boss.
The general will not be at Ranni’s tower until after you have defeated him if you have reached the Altus Plateau or begun the Radahn Festival before speaking with her.

What is the best way to defeat General Radahn in Elden Ring?

It is necessary to complete three phases of the General Radahn boss fight: the archery battle, the horseback battle, and the magical horseback battle. Those may sound entertaining, but they are not.

Stage 1 of the General Radahn Boss Fight

The archery battle is exhausting because you will almost certainly have to repeat Elden Ring runes for sale over and over and over again until you get Elden Ring Colossus Guardian right. However, once you’ve mastered the art of timing your rolls, the rest is simple.
Shooting with purple lasers and crushing barriages are the two types of shots available.
At the beginning of the battle, he will ping you with purple lasers on a consistent basis. The most effective way to avoid these is to roll into them and take advantage of your temporary invincibility. The timing is less difficult than you might think, and you should be able to master it fairly quickly.
You must first roll under one laser arrow and then interact with the summon signs in front of you, while standing behind the debris in front of you to prevent him from firing another arrow at you.
Then make a beeline for the summon sign on your right, which is approximately halfway there. It’s best to hang around here and take advantage of the fact that you can easily dodge the lasers, allowing your allies to get closer to Radahn before calling in the next summon.
When your ally summons reach about half-way up the hill towards Radahn, he will switch to barriages to protect them from the enemy. When this occurs, use the summon sign to signal your arrival and then mount your horse. Sprint over to the left and grab the last two summons, then zig-zag over to the right to avoid being hit by anything else in the area.
If he switches back to purple lasers, press the left stick in on your controller to quickly dismount and roll out of the way to avoid being hit by them again.
When your summons reach Radahn, he abandons his bow and the next phase of the battle commences.

Stage 2 of the General Radahn Boss Fight

During this fight, the general strategy is to let your summoned allies deal with the majority of the aggro, take a few hits when it is absolutely safe to do so, and then resummon any allies who die.
General Radahn is capable of and will kill you in a single hit or a series of hits on the spur of the moment, so it simply does not make sense to be anywhere near him for any length of time. If you become overly greedy, you will perish. If you miss your hit, you will perish on the battlefield. As a result, you must make your efforts count.
If you want to melee him, wait until the end of one of his combos, then ride in, hit him once, and then ride out again to avoid being hit by him.
You should keep a safe distance between you and him and break your lock on him whenever he turns his attention to you if you want to use range or magic. Once again, one strike is most likely all that is required.
Although you should delegate the majority of the damage to your teammates, there are two attacks that you should avoid at all costs. The 5 magic orbs that are closing in on you can be avoided by sprinting your horse to the left or right at the appropriate time.
Double jumping is required when he slams the ground and creates an electric shockwave, as this must be avoided.
Additionally, there’s an attack that hits everything in a large area for a lower amount of damage than other attacks. I honestly don’t believe there is anything you can do to help other than to stay as far away as possible.
Set up a rhythm for this phase, in which your summons do the majority of the work, you revive them from their signs when they die after a cooldown, and you get ONE hit in at the end of some of his combos if you’re melee, or fight off hits and flee if you’re a mage, before moving on.
The final phase begins once he has lost half of his health.

Stage 3 of the General Radahn Boss Fight

As Radahn’s health bar begins to dwindle, he launches himself into the air before crashing back to the ground with a ferocious flaming assault.
To avoid this, mount your horse and ride away from the center of the arena, reviving any summons that have fallen asleep at their summons signs along the way.
This section of the fight is the most frustrating because you can be insta-killed without warning or mercy after putting in so much effort.
His moveset is essentially the same as his predecessor’s, with one major exception. He’s learned a new move in which he summons four massive meteors above his head. They are nearly impossible to avoid, and they linger in the air for far longer than the time it will take for Bloodborne to arrive on PC.
They will lure you out of your hiding place and then kill you with ease. It’s possible to deflect the meteors with a shield, but if all of them strike you, the damage will most likely overwhelm you to the point where Radahn will saunter over and kill you in an instant.
Instead, where the rest of the game has rewarded you for your bravery, cowardice is the appropriate response here.
If you constantly resurrect any defeated summons and keep as much distance between yourself and him as possible, you will be able to gradually wear him down by allowing them to do all of the work.
When you notice the meteors rising in the sky, take cover behind the sand dunes in the arena and take advantage of their natural elevation as a natural shield.
You will eventually be able to defeat Radahn with the help of your companions if you keep summoning them.
Given his lethal moveset, I wouldn’t recommend trying to brute force your way through any part of this fight, not even the final hit.
As you cower and whimper in the corner, your furry warrior companion and his friendly chum, who happens to be a giant pot for some reason, will do all the heavy lifting.
If you’ve been butting your head against this brick wall of a boss for several attempts, this may seem counterintuitive, but believe me when I say that taking a defensive approach is far safer.

Because this may take some time, he may choose to use the flying fire attack once more. Simply dodge in the same manner as before by riding away from the center of the arena.

What should you do after you defeat General Radahn in Elden Ring?

You are now free to assist Blaidd and Ranni in their pursuit of Nokron, as you now have another Great Rune in your possession. You could also take the Grand Lift of Dectus up to the Atlus Plateau and explore the city of Leyndell, which serves as the country’s capital.

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