How Do You Make Your Water Wave Wig Back To Life?

The characteristics and appearance of human hair wigs are difficult to dispute. Your wig will eventually grow dry and stiff over time, nevertheless. We want to provide you with our advice on how to soften real wigs because of this.

We will explore the primary causes of dry human wigs in this post in order to help you understand how to mend a damaged wig. And provide you advice on how to fix your damaged human hair wig.

The dos and don’ts of wearing and caring for wavy wigs are covered in this article.

What is a water wave wig?

This gorgeous “S”-shaped water wave wig has a water wave look. Wigs made with human hair have the most realistic appearance. The most common wigs are, therefore, human water wave wigs.

Benefits of water wave wigs

Very easy to maintain

Wigs with water waves need practically no upkeep. After using the wig:

  • Try to clean it with a comb or brush.
  • Try each wig on.
  • Air-dry it.
  • When not in use, try putting the wig on a stand.

Very useful and easy to use

Since the water wave wig is lace-free, the user does not need to trim or modify the lace. Water waves are very predictable and adaptable. It enables users to make various hairstyles. And the fad demonstrates why water wave wigs are so well-liked by contemporary females.

Invisible Hairline

When used properly, the outcome is invisible hair that gives the appearance that a wig is emerging from your head.


Usually, water wave wig are too much lighter than others.

More Comfortable

User-friendliness Easy to wear and maintain, offering users’ greater convenience.

Providing more flexibility

It offers more formatting choices in a number of different ways. It bestows the wearer an appealing, natural appearance.


Wigs with water waves are comprised of the best components and hand-selected hair. It has a remarkable lifespan as a result. It may survive for many years with appropriate maintenance.

How Do I Get My Water Wave Wig Back to Life?

Use a paddle brush to separate knots:

The wig will start to fall out if you don’t wear it or braid your hair for a time. The lump may occasionally be too strong to heal. Thankfully, a paddle brush can do the job quickly. Stay away from old hair traps. And on occasion, it could be worse than you anticipate.

Pre-wash your wig with natural oils:

A human wig may be revived by adding much-needed moisture. It follows that applying a conditioning treatment to the wig would be the first step in altering it.

We advise you lightly coat the entire wig with natural oil, such as coconut or Moroccan oil. To keep the wig wet, leave the preferred product beneath the cap for around 30 minutes.

Keep the wig moist

Apply a moisturizing conditioner, such as Conditioner, after rinsing out your moisturizing shampoo. Human Conditioner should be properly applied to your wig. The front right side of the wig is where it begins. (Water Wave Wig)

When moistening a human wig with Conditioner, pay close attention to the nape and ends. Additionally, add Conditioner here. Actual hair wigs lose their human hair as they get dry and damaged. These components are typically the most noticeable. Therefore, concentrating on ends and ends will aid in the restoration of your real hair wig.

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