How Does Fashion Influence the Lives of Students?

All throughout our lives, we are confronted with fashion. Fashion, in brief, refers to a fashionable style or practice, particularly in the areas of clothing, footwear, cosmetics, makeup, body art, and furnishings. Fashion is anything that is continually evolving, and there have been many changes in fashion throughout history. Fashion emerges as an important and frequently regular tendency in an individual’s dressing style and also prevalent behavioral tendencies. Artists act in a way that promotes fashion in public. These individuals could be well-known music singers, movie stars, or athletes. The general public often follows the current style remark chosen by celebrities, and big brands like Comme Des Garcons.

Fashion as a means of self-expression

Students are by far the most fashion-conscious people on the planet. Fashion with the image is inextricably linked and seems to influence a student’s behavior significantly. Fashion is extremely significant to them since it allows them to prove to the public who or what they are and who they aspire to be. Because various students have distinct identities, there are outfits in a variety of styles, colors, colors, and fabrics. People’s concept of identity is formed as they get older by the way they dress. Fashion is a way for students to exhibit themselves, their associations, attain social prestige, plus bond among their classmates.

The desire for individual identity is a hallmark of youth, and also, what students dress plays a significant part in forming that identity. Teenagers use clothing as well as hairstyles to represent themselves. What a student wears is a method of expressing themselves or indicating how they wish the rest of the globe to perceive them.

They’ve developed brand awareness.

Students are obsessed with social approval as well as the attractiveness of their clothing choices. As a result, whenever it comes to shopping, students will make more brand-oriented decisions. The majority of youngsters will shop at Chrome Hearts that sell high-end trendy clothes. Some students have become so much brand aware that they neglect the fact that if something is suiting them or if it is going to look good on them or not. They do all this because they want to be in a fashion and because everyone else is doing it.

Role of fashion according to students

Fashion improves people’s lives as it enables them to dress fashionable and enables them to think independently, preserve positive self-esteem, or provide amusement. Fashion has made us all better; therefore, there is nothing wrong with being stylish in moderation. Being fashion-savvy not only helps you be famous among your peers, but it also helps to increase your self-confidence. The dominant norm, practice, or style at a given moment is referred to as fashion. Among some, fashion seems to be a method of expressing and expressing their inner feelings.


There seems to be no question that fashion has engulfed the current youth in every way possible; yet, the choice of what to dress or what not to dress is entirely in our control.

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