How Does Stargirl Connect to Other DC Universe Shows?

Dc’s Stargirl has become a hit among DC Universe fans. The show, produced by Geoff Johns, is the first DC show to focus on a teenage girl superhero. Not only is this expanding the fanbase for DC, but it is also connecting the show to other DC productions. In it, Stargirl revives past superheroes while taking viewers into a new era. Additionally, it is making connections between different DC universes. It does this by letting other stars make guest appearances and having Stargirl join the Justice Society of America. Here is more on how the show connects to different DC shows. 

Its Connection to Other Shows

Stargirl is the third original series produced by DC Universe. With that information in mind, Johns and the crew set out to connect it to these shows. At the same time, they wanted to give it some distance. As everyone knows, Doom Patrol and Titans are in different universes. Doom Patrol is on Earth-21, and Titans can be found on Earth-9. The storyline of Stargirl is set in a third universe, Earth-2. However, the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event managed to bring all of these shows together. In doing, DC connected all of these shows as part of the Arrowverse. 

Depending on how the storyline continues, Stargirl may cross over with the other DC Universe shows again. While it is not really connected to the other shows, you should keep in mind that it is part of the same Multiverse. This means it has room for these connections to develop. 

It Differs From Other Stargirl Portrayals

The revival of DC Comics’ Stargirl on the screen means that this is her second portrayal, and a new Justice Society of America is also being formed. The original version of the Justice Society has entirely different members, such as Hourman. The one in this version of Stargirl has Vixen, Dr. Mid-Nite, Obsidian, Commander Steel, and Stargirl. Additionally, this show takes place in a very different time period. In today’s Stargirl, the Justice Society has only been active for 10 years. However, the original portrayal had the Justice Society operating in the 1940s and never reviving. In fact, the Legends of Tomorrow series showed the end of the original Justice Society. For instance, it showed the murder of Hourman after his short time in the league. It also showed Dr. Mid-Nite living until 3000 AD. 

As far as Stargirl goes, this portrayal doesn’t take a trip back in time via her spear. Unfortunately, this means no romance between Stargirl and King Arthur. However, it also means that viewers get more time to enjoy Stargirl in this version. Additionally, it means that viewers will be getting a more accurate portrayal of Stargirl based on the comics. Also, it likely means that the original portrayal of Stargirl will not be returning. 

Stargirl is the third original series by DC Universe and has quite a few connections to other shows in the Arrowverse. Additionally, it provides a very different portrayal of Stargirl and the Justice Society of America than the one provided in Legends of Tomorrow.

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